8 Best 3 Burner Stove Top in India

Are you finding the best 3 burner stove top to make your cooking easy for you? Then, you have just come to the right place. 3 burner stove tops are highly recommended to make your cooking easy whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a chef, 3 burner stove tops give you many options to cook many meals in a short period with less hassle. Burner stovetop is the most used and most purchased kitchen appliance of India.

It becomes difficult for anyone who is a serious buyer and looks towards some genuine reviews to make a purchase. We have compiled a list of the Best 3 burner stove tops in India that are the most popular and come with the best features. The products shared and reviewed here are highly recommended and have great longevity. Here are the 8, best quality 3 burner stove tops that you can buy. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

1- Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)

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This stovetop has 3 types of burners, 1 small and 2 medium. With its Black glass-top finish, this burner stovetop looks stylish and is the perfect choice to make your kitchen stovetop corner look stylish and attractive. This stovetop is also easy to clean without any need for high maintenance, which is mostly the demand of most buyers to buy something that’s easy to clean and maintain with less difficulty.

The glass is durable and its knobs are easy to operate with smooth movement and also feature high and low heat directions. This stove top’s burners are also placed at the perfect length to adjust different big or medium utensils on it. Another nice quality of this product is that this stovetop is not too loud, you won’t have any difficulty or nuisance in hearing loud gas flow or burner noise when cooking. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India


1- Noiseless.
2- High quality, tough, and durable glass Top.
3- Well-positioned burners.


1- It’s a little technical to install.
2- According to some customers, its burner stands are thinner than other stovetops.
3- Burners change color to black after some time of use.

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2- Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

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This is the most favorite of most people because of its 360-degree revolving knob and its best quality is that you won’t have to face any gas leakage problem. The stovetop is designed technically to avoid any gas leakage and enjoy safe cooking. This stovetop can be easily fit into a small space or kitchen because of its perfect medium size.

The Butterfly Smart Glass 3 burner gas stove has a powder-coated stove body and Stainless-steel spill trays have fewer chances of rusting. The brass burners of the Butterfly Smart Glass stovetop provide equal distribution of heat to all the burners. Another quality of this stovetop is that it comes with heat-resistant legs and stainless steel spill tray which is easy-to-clean if any spillage occurs. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India


1- Affordable with high-quality features.
2- Well-built knobs.
3- Easy-to-clean


1- You may find one burner too small to adjust the medium size utensils or cook big meals.
2- The burners are designed too close to each other which makes it difficult to adjust two big utensils at once.
3- You may find its legs uneven after using it for some time.

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3- Thermador Toughened Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (LPG, Auto Ignition)

Thermador Toughened Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (LPG, Auto Ignition)

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The main highlight of this stovetop is its auto-ignition feature which you may find quite efficient while using. The design of this stovetop is simple, sleek, and stylish. You can save a lot of space in your kitchen with this stovetop because of its medium to the perfect size.

Not only this stovetop is lightweight but its brass burners are adjusted at a perfect distance so that you can accommodate big utensils easily without any fuss. Thermador Toughened Glass Top is durably made of toughened 7mm top glass, and this product is worth the money if you want an automatic stovetop. All three burners are designed straight in a row that makes it look quite different and takes up less space on the kitchen slab.


1- Lightweight with amazing quality.
2- Autoignition feature.
3- Perfect and easily adjustable for small spaced kitchen


1- Due to its small size and after some time of use, you can find the material less durable.
2- All the burners are placed straight in the line which may sometimes be irritating when cooking on all three burners at the same time.
3- The burner stovetop does not contain pan support

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4- Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black (ISI Certified, Door Step Service)

Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black (ISI Certified, Door Step Service)

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This Lifelong glass top has made cooking more convenient and efficient for us. This stove top’s burners are made of forged brass, the burners can hold a tough pressure of heavy utensils and have greater durability than most other burners. The forged brass burners are also spill-proof, and they are designed and made as such to avoid any gas leakage.

Another great thing about this stove is that its glass is 6mm thick and is shatterproof. This stylish and shiny stovetop will help you cook meals easily with no worry of hectic cleaning even if you spill something on it. The knobs are easy to rotate and are heat resistant made of nylon covers. Its knobs won’t get too hot while cooking as for a lot of us it gets too difficult to turn off the burner by touching the knob which gets too hot while cooking. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India


1- Easy to install.
2- Lightweight and durable.
3- Heat resistant knobs


1- It’s forged brass burners change their color to black according to some customers.
2- You will have to clean this stovetop regularly to not lose its shine.
3- No auto-ignition feature.

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5- Prestige Royale Plus GT03L 3 Burner Schott Glasstop Gas Stove, Black

Prestige Royale Plus GT03L 3 Burner Schott Glasstop Gas Stove, Black

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This stovetop comes with three different sizes of burners, large, medium, and small. The glass top is made of SCHOTT glass which claims lifelong durability. This stovetop has a modern design with a nice look that enhances the kitchen’s beauty. Prestige Royale Plus stovetop is really great for big families who want to cook bigger meals. Its burners can hold and adjust big utensils and its glass top and burners are durable too so that won’t be damaged by big weight. The Glass top is also powder-coated so it won’t rust.


1- The material used is of high quality.
2- Easy-to-clean.
3- Glass top comes with a lifetime warranty


1- This stovetop is a little spacious and takes a lot of space, so make sure that your kitchen corner or slab has enough space to carry or adjust it.
2- No auto-ignition feature
3- Some customers have difficulty in operating its knobs.

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6- MILTON Premium 3 Burner

Milton Premium 3 Burner Gas Stove with Blue Glass Top, Manual LPG Stove with MS Frame (ISI Certified, Door Step Service)

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This stovetop claims to be a shatterproof 7mm thick toughened glass top which can withstand high temperatures. The knobs are also heat resistant and this stovetop has nice finishing and has an elegant Red design pattern on the glass top which makes it look stylish and different from other normal black stovetops. You can place or adjust your big or medium size utensils on the burners without overcrowding the whole stovetop. The glass top is also easy-to-clean and the burners are best for high flammable cooking. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India


1- Great product with affordable range.
2- Long-lasting performance and durable.
3- The stovetop easily adjusts at small spaces


1- The height of the metal plate is a little higher than other stovetops which takes longer to cook the food and wastes and consumes a lot of gas.
2- Its design paint begin to fade after using the stovetop for some time.
3- No auto-ignition feature.

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7- iBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove with Auto Ignition, Toughened Glass

iBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove with Auto Ignition,Toughened Glass,Royal Black Design

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The iBELL 3 burner glass top has 3 brass burners that are easy to clean and are designed as such to be safe from extremely high temperatures. The unique feature of this stovetop is its pan support and anti-skid rubber feet that provide a perfect balance to the stovetop and help you cook with ease.

The glass top is made of stainless steel that is heat resistant and also scratch-resistant so even if sometimes the glass top is used harshly you don’t have to worry about leaving scratches. The iBELL burner stovetop has an auto-ignition feature which is highly remarkable because of its perfect functioning. This 3 burner stovetop will make your kitchen corner look elegant and also gives you the solution to cook meals effortlessly. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India


1- Auto-ignition feature.
2- Perfectly balanced to place pans and utensils easily.
3- Easy-to-install.


1- A little spacious than the other 3 burner stovetops.
2- This stovetop is overpriced than other brands.
3- A little difficult to clean.

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8- Greenchef Crystal Glass Top Gas Stove, Black

8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

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This burner stove top is made of a thicker glass top to the last longer. The brass burners of this stovetop are highly efficient and its knobs are made of wide bakelite for smooth efficiency. Its strong tubular legs make it perfectly balanced on the kitchen countertop and also provide a firm grip. With its sophisticated design and features, this burner stove top is suitable for your everyday cooking needs. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India


1- Well-built knobs.
2- Highly efficient burners.
3- Perfectly balanced to make roti or place other utensils


1- The burner’s color changes to black after some time.
2- The burners are a little small than other stovetops.
3- No auto-ignition feature.

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Types Of Stove Top:

Stovetops are a part of our everyday life. Whether you want to make a quick coffee or cook large meals, stovetops are the first and foremost option to cook any type of meal. These are easy to install and can be easily adjustable in the kitchen. Stovetops are always a better option than cooking your meals in the oven. The taste of the meals cooked on the stovetop is unmatchable to the meals cooked in the Oven. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

Due to the changing times, stovetops come in different shapes, sizes, and also features. Before making a purchase of a stovetop one must know what type of stovetops are available in the market and which type of stovetop will be suitable for oneself according to their needs. Here are the different types of stovetops that you will find in the market.

1- Gas:

Gas burners are the most common and highly recommended for everyday use. The gas burner type of stovetop has been used since the first stovetop was invented. Stovetops features have changed than before and are the most efficient and easy to use for many chefs and women. These are not too technical to use and very easy to clean.

One of the major features of a gas stovetop is its open flames. The open flames of the gas stovetop cook the meals faster and easier. You can easily adjust the flames on high and low quickly through the knobs. The gas stove tops are affordable than many electric stovetops and are used any time of the day even when you are out of power. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

The gas stovetops work on gas service, so there’s no worry when you don’t have power at your home, you can still cook delicious meals just by burning the gas stovetop. The gas stovetops are mainly used in restaurants and almost every household because of their quick heating element that doesn’t take too much time of your day to cook food daily.

2- Electric:

These are also the most used type of stovetop but a little cheaper than gas stovetops. The electric stovetops are straight and sleek in design and are the easiest to clean of course because of their smooth surface without brass burners. The electric stovetops need no gas and work completely on electricity. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

One main downside of electric stovetops is that they heat slowly and you won’t get high heat pressure as you get on the gas stoves. The meals took longer to cook because of their slow heat burners and it can become too frustrating for those who cook daily and especially cook big meals for bigger families. You may also find it difficult at the start of using an electric stovetop to use and adjust its heating temperature.

3- Induction:

Induction stovetops have a number of benefits and are safer than gas and electric stovetops. The Induction stovetops are heated by electromagnetic technology. The magnetic metals fitted in the induction stovetop reacts when it detects a steel or magnetic bottom cookware and after detection, the surface of the induction stovetop heats. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

The induction stovetops heat faster than other electric stovetops. These are also super safe to use if you have children or you want to make quick meals with no need for electricity or gas. The induction stovetop also turns automatically off when no cookware is detected or placed on the stovetop. One major drawback of an Induction stovetop is that you won’t be able to cook large meals for any family gatherings.

Stove Top Buying Guide:

1- Size:

This is the first and most important feature to consider before making any stovetop purchase. Stovetop burners come in different sizes. The size of the stovetop depends on how many burners it contains. Another factor in considering the size of the stovetop burner is to make sure how much space you have in your kitchen to adjust the stovetop.

Therefore, it’s better to measure the size of your kitchen counter to know how much space is available to adjust the stovetop burner. Three burner stovetops come in different sizes. The size of the stovetop varies among different brands and the placement of the burners. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

2- Price:

This factor is also the most important when buying a stovetop burner. The price of the stovetop varies in different types of stovetops. An electric stovetop is cheaper in price than a burner stovetop but as the electricity is more expensive than the gas so you will have to pay high electricity bills. Most people prefer to buy a burner stovetop because of its affordable price and efficiency. The burner stovetop prices also depend on the brand you are choosing and of course, the different features the burner stovetop offers.

3- Fuel Type:

This is also important when buying a burner stovetop. Some burners require gas and some are equipped with auto-ignition features and then there are also electric and induction stovetops. The fuel type also matters when purchasing a stovetop. Make sure to buy something that’s easy to handle and easy to use. 8 Best Burner Stove Top in India

4- Number of Burners:

You must decide first how many burners do you want and need. The burner stovetop comes in different sizes and shapes with different numbers of burners. You can get one burner stovetop, two, three, four, and even five-burner stove tops are available in the market. To choose how many burners you should buy depends upon your needs, family members, and of course the space you have in our kitchen to adjust the stovetop.

5-Style and Design:

The burner stovetop now comes in a sleek and fashionable style with durable and long-lasting glass top material. The burner stove tops are available in glass top and stainless steel material. The design of the burner stovetop has been changed and now you can choose from a variety of different designs. There are also burner stovetop available with black glass top and also you can find some glass tops with a decorated design pattern which enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Benefits Of Burner Stove Tops:

The burner stovetop has many benefits. Some are defined below.

1- Burner stove tops allow you to change the heating temperature or flames quickly than other electric or induction stovetops.

2- A burner stovetop lets you cook big family meals with a different range of burners and sizes.
3- You can place big pans and pots on the burner stovetop and cook without worrying that the stovetop may get any scratch or questioning its durability.
4- As burner stovetops release flames, the food is cooked faster than other types of stovetops.
5- The burner stovetop lasts longer than other electric or induction stovetop.

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