Which is the best chimney for kitchen in India | Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide for 2021

Are you fed up with cleaning your kitchen tiles and spice aroma in your kitchen? If yes then the right solution for this problem is the best kitchen chimney in India. We will help you understand why you need a kitchen chimney and how helpful it can be for cleaning the kitchen. best chimney for kitchen in India

When it comes to spices, India is the biggest producer of spices in the world. So how can India be hosting bland or tasteless food? India is better known for diverse and spicy cuisine having tons of spices and masalas. Unlike the west or other parts of the world, the cuisine is unique in India.

Firstly it is cooked for more duration and secondly, it involves a lot of frying and usage of cooking oil. It definitely evaporates and gets stick to the kitchen tiles and walls. It adds up a huge cleaning task which isn’t that easy to do. best chimney for kitchen in India

Why to buy a good kitchen chimney?

You might be thinking about the solution and the purchase of a kitchen chimney with a lot of questions. Is the chimney better or the exhaust fan will work? Is it good to invest in a good exhaust fan or a chimney because the chimney is a little bit expensive? So the answer is no. best chimney for kitchen in India

You’ll invest money in an exhaust fan but it won’t fulfill your needs and the problem will still be there. The exhaust fan will throw away all the hot air, smoke, and excess aroma but what about the sticking elements? An exhaust fan cannot deal with them. best chimney for kitchen in India

So the only feasible solution to all the problems is a good quality low-price home chimney for home. taking those hue and smoke problems in accord a ducting chimney works great at an affordable price. and It’s a one-time investment that will serve long however with a little maintenance and service. Make cooking a fun thing rather than stress and tension. best chimney for kitchen in India

What are the benefits of the best chimney for kitchens in India?

What else can be a bigger benefit than making cooking a fun thing and being worried about cleaning the sticky tiles? We can clean the tiles by hook or by crook but what about the high ceiling? It’s nearly impossible to clean that.

A good kitchen chimney can ease your mind off of all these problems. There will be no odor after cooking, No cough no sneeze due to spices evaporation. Enjoy a neat and clean environment in the home because suction helps to remove all the unwanted particles. best chimney for kitchen in India

Make grill or deep fry burger patties, enjoy cooking as much as you can. The kitchen chimneys are so convenient because they are installed right about the cooking area. So it is easy for chimneys to catch the evaporated particle and doesn’t let them stick to the walls or ceiling. best chimney for kitchen in India

All the significant features aside but it gives a great look to your kitchen. It adds aesthetics to your kitchen that really gives a cool look of your kitchen. The chimney manufacturers are working a lot to improve the design layout, eventually enhancing the design aesthetics. best chimney for kitchen in India

How to decide which is the best chimney for kitchen in India?

It’s a valid concern, how to choose the suitable most and best feasible chimney. The market is crowded and sometimes it gets very difficult to find the thing you are looking for so long. Obviously, it requires knowledge to decide the best product.

We have done extensive research on the topic. We will give you enough knowledge so that you’ll be able to find and purchase the best suiting product. Our kitchenware specialists have drafted out a list of more than 10 top-rated kitchen chimneys in India.

Which is the best chimney for kitchen in India

Enough with the general discussion, now it’s time to share the stats and specifications with you. Those stats will help you to populate a purchase you won’t regret. All the products work perfectly in India and have good reviews on Amazon. Following are the 12 best kitchen chimney in India. best chimney for kitchen in India

1. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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Hindware auto clean chimney is a must-have component of every Indian kitchen. We love to eat oily and spicy food so we need a perfect companion to take care of fumes and smoke. Hindware comes in handy as it takes care of all kinds of Indian cooking situations.

It’s blessed with thermal cleaning technology which is efficient and leaves no complaints on the cleaning end. You have the liberty to turn on and off the LED light. LED lights have good visibility so you can have a check on readings while doing kitchen chores.


The kitchen chimney plays a pivotal role in defining the beauty and aesthetics of the kitchen. Design is a key feature while shortlisting a perfect product. It has an ergonomic and interactive design. All the buttons have a very prominent position.


The controls are easy to access and easy to use. LED indicators with different colors make the visibility much better and easy to differentiate between different modes. On the rightmost side, there is a chimney on and off button and you can control the fan speed as well.


It’s a long-lasting product made up of premium material so no questions about the durability. It has an amazing suction power of 1200 m3/hr that literally doesn’t let smoke stay in the kitchen. Thanks to the powerful blower work awesome.

Operational characteristics

It has a long operational life check by the manufacturer as well as public reviews. It produces very minimal noise while operating which makes it further practical to use. The chimney consumes less power than its counterparts making the operational cost low.

Auto clean function

Clean chimneys have always been a serious concern. The cleaner it is the more smoke suction it will perform. Thanks to the auto-clean option which is the key selling point as well for this product.


  • Auto Clean feature.
  • Powerful blower.
  • Interactive LED lights.
  • Metallic finishing.
  • 1200m3 per hour suction


  • The quality of the exhaust pipe isn’t that good


2. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

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Second, on our list is another elegant kitchen chimney that has a nice curve with glass. Curve plays a pivotal role to grab and come in contact with more smoke. So it makes it easier to catch and suck more nasty smoke. The glass adds extra aesthetics that we love to see.

The product has a 1-year warranty whereas the motor has 5 years of warranty. The motor is really powerful so you won’t feel bad about the performance. It has a baffle filter, which is very useful in Indian kitchens.


Just like the best counterparts, it has 1200 m3 per hour smoke suction capability. The black hood looks so elegant and matches most of the color themes of the kitchen. It comes with touch control and baffle filter that makes the usage easy and seamless.

Design and features

It’s a wall mount chimney with a glass curve design. Glass curve design is best to grab more smoke and air. It comes with a 5-year motor warranty. It has an amazing auto-clean feature that relieves the user from cleaning. The baffle filter needs to be cleaned twice a year.

Technical specs

As per the specifications, the size of the chimney is quite compact but overall the product is so capable. Eurodomo has a 90 cm size with a suction capacity of 1200 m3 per hour. It can easily handle the smoke and emissions of a kitchen having 200 sq. ft. area.

Less noise

Eurodomo has a very minimal sound that makes cooking an even more fun experience. You feel no stress and distraction because of the low noise. Goodbye to old-school buttons, it works with touch operation. At max, it produces 58 dB of sound.

Efficient filtering

What makes it useful to use is the baffle filter. It prevents the sticking of sticky particles. Eurodoma 90 cm requires very minimal service and maintenance. It needs service cleaning after a course of 6 months. It works at standard Indian 250 volts.


  • Auto Cleaning function.
  • 1200 m3 suction.
  • Touch operation.
  • Max 58 dB sound.
  • Works at 250 volts.


  • Noise is high in high-performance mode.


3. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

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Faber is an amazing smoker-sucking machine. It doesn’t come slow in any department let it be performance, aesthetics, or spec sheet. It has 90 cm size as most of the counterparts with 1200 m3 per hour suction.

The outer suction plates contain naked metal which is easy to clean from the outer side. It’s a filter-less touch and gesture control kitchen chimney. Except for the filter plate, all the outer body is in black color. It’s a top-quality product you won’t regret buying.


Faber chimney comes with a year warranty and 5 years for motor warranty. It loudly speaks about the durability of the machine. The motor has 3 level controls. It works at 250 Volts and the engine has 180-watt power. The auto-clean function is a must-have in every chimney.


It has pretty much the same size as other machines in the same range. The 90 cm size is a standard size for this category. There are 3 to 5 stove burners for this wall-mounted smoke-sucking machine. The gesture control feature is a real-life saver.


The suction is pretty much the same of its class at 200 m3 suction per hour. It’s perfect to use for a kitchen of 200 sq. ft. The suction is best to remove grill and frying smoke. It won’t leave you in any stress and confusion, in fact give its optimal performance.

Filterless chimney

You’ll get a filter-less chimney which will be a no for many customers. The filter chimneys perform well but you have to change the filter twice a year. A filterless chimney ensures the cleaning through the airflow from a specific design air passage.

Control type

There are no old-school hard buttons in this product, instead, we have a touch operation. The machine is quite silent and doesn’t make an annoying noise. The maximum noise emission is 58 dB. This glass curved wall mount chimney is best for a small kitchen.


  • 1200 m3 suction.
  • Touch operation.
  • 58 dB noise emission.
  • Filterless.
  • 90 cm size.


  • Good suction but noisy


4. Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/HR Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

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This product is going to be crazy among other curved glass chimneys. It’s smaller in size but loaded with specifications. Typical curve glass design with extra elegance. Surprisingly it has a smaller design but it contains more suction than that of normal kitchen chimneys. Compact size and powerful performance is the best-selling feature for this device.

The normal type of chimneys contain 1 filter and there are also filterless chimneys in the market. The beauty of Faber 60 cm is the presence of 2x kitchen chimney filters that allows no refuge to smoke. It has 2 baffle filters which we can clean after a certain time period.

Design and structure

Faber 60 cm is a wall mount, curve glass auto clean kitchen chimney that leaves no questions on performance. It is smaller in size but efficient with performance. It’s the best kitchen chimney in India for a small-medium kitchen. it is indeed an efficient chimney

Size and performance     

It’s a 60 cm small kitchen chimney that suits perfectly for a 200 sq. ft. size kitchen. Faber 60 cm is 2-4 burner stove, wall mounted chimneys. The best part of the product is that it can handle smoke from the heavy grills and heavy frying.

Extra features

Faber 60 cm kitchen chimney contains no buttons at all, the functional operations are done by touch system. The maximum motor noise is 58 dB which isn’t that loud actually. To light up the control console and things it has 2 1.5 W LEDs.

Baffle filter

Most of the consumers in India prefer baffle filters because you have control over their cleaning. your kitchen cleaning depends a lot on cleaning chimneys. The filter-less chimneys are complex and a little difficult to maintain cleanliness. You don’t need to change the filters frequently. You need to clean them after a time period of 6 months.

Auto-cleaning technology

Let’s talk about something unique and impressive. The cleaning mechanism of this product is so robust and efficient. It has heat auto cleaning functionality that added extra ease. The unique feature is the oil collector that collects oil fumes from the hot air and smoke.


  • 1500 m3 suction.
  • 60 cm size.
  • Touch operation.
  • 58 dB noise emission.
  • Dual baffle filter.


  • Standard hose comes with a plastic, not with aluminum foil


5. Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney

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Here we have another compact size 60 cm smoke sucker for the kitchen. Enjoy wireless cooking frying and grilling while you have this useful product in your kitchen. The design is nicely done with the curved glass design

You get nicely designed LEDs that illuminate the bottom. Normally the chimneys block light so we need extra lighting. Thanks to the LEDs that take care of these issues and helps us to have a better view of our cooking.

Small but capable

It’s a 60 cm kitchen chimney by Elica but the specs are too promising. It generates more suction than many 90 cm kitchen chimneys. Elica’s top-rated kitchen chimney produces 1220 m3 suction per hour which is amazing as per this size.


That’s where it lacks a little behind the other counterparts. It has push buttons whereas other 60 cm premium counterparts have touch operation. But it isn’t that much of an issue because we can get used to it easily with the button.

Baffle filter

Baffle filter is amazing to purify all the kitchen smoke and aroma. It isn’t good to have an aroma of the food you cooked last week. It removes the aroma, unhealthy smoke, and evaporated oil fumes. The best thing about baffle filters is that we can clean them without any hassle.


Elica 60 cm produces suction of 1220 m3 per hour that keeps your kitchen smoke-free. It keeps your kitchen air free from spices and smoke that cause unease while cooking in the kitchen. The extra LEDs are handy as they assist a lot to make cooking easy and brighter.

Low noise

It makes minimal noise so that it’s easy to work with the machine for a longer time. Although we don’t have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. It has beautiful 5 buttons that take care of all the possible operations of the machine. Low noise is the best-selling feature for this chimney.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • 1220 m3 per hour.
  • 60 cm size.
  • LEDs.
  • Aluminum installation kit.


  • A bit hard to install


6. Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

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Hindware Nadia 60 cm packs a lot of extra features that you’ll love to have in a chimney. Not everyone likes the gigantic size as that of 90 cm, so for such people, 60 cm is awesome to have. It’s filterless and contains no cleaning hassle.

In filter-less chimneys, there is no filter to clean. The airflow direction is set in a way that the fan sucks it out of the environment. There is a unique feature in Hindware Nadia and that’s the motion sensor. It comes with touch control easy operation.

The motion sensor

Let’s talk about the unique most feature, and that’s the built-in motion sensor. Suppose your hands are oily and you don’t want to touch the chimney as it will add oil to it. Now the motion sensor and gesture technology come into play and you can control the machine without even touching it.

Easy to operate

It has no buttons that make it futuristic and easy to operate. Hard pushing buttons isn’t a convenient way of using a chimney. It has an LED bar that illuminates the dark area. The touch operation and gesture control technology make the usage very easy.


It’s stylish and equipped with modern features that make it a fun thing to operate. Hindware Nadia has a long operation life and produces minimal noise while working. Good performance isn’t a great feat but performing well with less consumption is a great feat.

Powerful blower

The blower is powerful enough to take care of all the unwanted smoke and impurities in the air. The advanced blower generates 1200 m3 suction per hour. It has thermal auto clean technology that cleans it in a matter of seconds.

Dealing with oil

Dealing with oil is a serious concern as it sticks and gets black with the passage of time. Hindware Nadia has a separate metallic oil collector that collects all the excessive oil in a vessel. It’s very easy to pour the oil, clean it, and re-attach the oil collector back to its place.


  • Filterless chimney.
  • 1220 m3 per hour.
  • 60 cm size.
  • LED bar.
  • Metallic oil collector.


  • Suction is good only at high speed


7. Eurodomo 60cm 850 m3/hr Chimney (Sapphire PB SS 60, 2 Cassette Filters)

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Here in our list, we have a bit smaller kitchen chimney having 60 cm size but less suction power. Having a powerful chimney for a small kitchen is like overkill. So better have a machine that suits your requirements and gets comes cheaper on the pocket.

Eurodoma 60cm has 2 cassette types of filters that perform nice filtering. No need to get confused about the term cassette. Basically, it’s the baffle filter with a different name. It retains the unwanted waste gases and extracts the oil fumes.

Size and performance

60 cm isn’t that small as it comes under the regular category. The 60 cm category comes with diverse specifications. We have seen chimneys with 850 to 1500 m3 per hour suction machines under the same category. Eurodam can be the best chimney for kitchens in India.

The cassette filters

The 2 cassette filters or mesh filters are arranged in the form of 2 side by side panels. All the magic is done through here. The filters are fitted on a prominent spot to have maximum contact and more absorption of smoke. Cassette filter chimneys are awesome for Indian kitchen usage.


The controls sit at a very prominent place. Here with the controls, we do not get touch operation. There are 5 good quality buttons that take care of all operations. The button symbols make it very easy to understand the button function. There you get on off, speed control, and light buttons.

Elegant design

The design is so simple as it doesn’t contain any weird cuts, vents, and bulges. Simple straight surfaces make it look cool and adjust with different kitchen design layouts. The straight line chimney is very easy to clean and dust to make it look as fresh as new.

Bright bulbs

From design to color, to layout, to cassette filter and suction, we have covered all of them. Now its turns for the bright LED bulbs. The LED lights come in very handy to illuminate the steamy and smoky area. It assists a lot to illuminate the cooking area. best chimney for kitchen in India


  • Dual cassette filter.
  • 850 m3 per hour.
  • 60 cm size.
  • 2x LED lights.
  • Elegant design


  • Suction power is a little less


8. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

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Elica 60 cm is another elegant kitchen chimney that will take away all the kitchen smoke worries from you. It has a very adaptive design that matches the modern kitchen settings and layouts. It isn’t an ordinary chimney as it contains a number of features.

One thing you might is the touch operation that makes the usage very easy. Along with touch operation, gesture control works awesome. But you won’t have any complaints about the seamless performance of the silvertip buttons. best chimney for kitchen in India

Design and appearance

Although the performance needs to be the main center of attraction and concern but the design also matters a lot. How about having a good performing machine with an elegant design. You’ll get a good combination of aesthetics and performance with Elica 60 cm.

Push buttons

Buttons control on and off operation, the speed of the fan, and LED light control. Although the buttons are outdated now but what’s the issue when they work seamlessly? To give a better look the buttons have silver tips that enjoy great prominence on the chimney.

Better airflow

1100 cubic meters per hour and the prominent location of suction filters make better airflow possible through the chimney. The amazing performance won’t let you feel stranded. It generates ample suction to make your cooking experience flawless and hassle-free.

The lamps

The lamps are meant to brighten and illuminate the cooking area. It increases visibility and lets you know the texture of the food and the cooking stage. The absence of a lamp could have been problematic because the chimney blocks a little bit of light.


The baffle filters and 230-watt power suction makes it a super useful kitchen chimney. Baffle filters enhance the filtering of waste gases while keeping the cooking environment healthy as possible. The max airflow results in 1100m3 suction per hour.


  • 230-watt powerful suction.
  • 1100 m3 suction per hour.
  • 60 cm size.
  • LEDs for illumination.
  • Efficient.


  • All good except customer service


9. Faber 60 cm 1350 m³/hr angular Kitchen Chimney

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Faber Zenith angular kitchen chimney has revolutionized the design science of kitchen chimneys. It is one of the stylish best chimney in India. Being an angular chimney it doesn’t occupy too much space from the frontal.

Thanks to the improved suction technology of Faber that it sucks in all the smoke. In the end, you have your favorite food even without the annoying smoke and impurities in the air. Along with the design, it is packed with easy-to-operate features like gesture control. best chimney for kitchen in India

Filterless kitchen chimney

Zenith is a perfect cleaning solution for those who need hassle-free cleaning without any extra cleaning responsibilities. It’s filterless so you don’t have to clean the filter over a period of time. Being filterless it reduces maintenance and cleaning.

Futuristic design

The design is so different and unique that it doesn’t look like a kitchen chimney at very first glance. The shape is all new and resembles with a triangle mounted upfront on a wall. When the elegance meets with performance, it gives birth to Faber zenith.

Filterless technology

The design layout is divided into 3 panels. The top most panel consists of the machine controls. The lower two panels are responsible for the magical performance that sucks 1350 m3 air per hour. It saves us from cleaning a hassle and gives a promising performance.

Gesture sensor

The elegant design gave birth to new issues. The control consoles are situated a little far from reach. Now how to control it? Well, thanks to the gesture control technology that reads the gestures and works on your gestures. Abracadabra, and it’s done.

Low-level noise 

It produces very minimal noise so it doesn’t disturb the nearby family members if you have an open kitchen in a studio apartment or office. Apart from low noise, gesture control sensors, touch technology helps a lot to make your life easy and convenient.


  • 1350 m3 suction.
  • Touch control.
  • Gesture control.
  • Aesthetics on par.
  • Filterless.


  • Gesture control doesn’t work within 1 to 3 inches


10. Glen 60cm 1000 m3/h Pyramid Wall Mounted Chimney


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Glen has made an elegant product with having a simple design but full of features and aesthetics. It’s basically a pyramid wall mount kitchen chimney. Glen comes in stainless steel silver color that fits perfectly for light and dark color kitchen interiors.

It has 60 cm size with fine matte silver finishing that looks premium and durable. It doesn’t rust and it’s easy to clean. Just swap it you’ll have it dust-free. The controls are sitting on a prominent focal point hence easy to press and operate. best chimney for kitchen in India


Here is the attribute where all the magic happens and which defines the usability of a kitchen chimney. Glen pyramid wall-mounted chimney has 1000 m3 suction per hour, which is perfect for small and medium-size kitchens.

The controls

Push-button controls are located on top center that nicely aligns with the eye gaze therefore easy to find. The buttons aren’t rotating buttons but push buttons, with metallic silver tips so it’s sure that you are going to get the durability.

Less noisy

Glen chimney is good when it comes to silent operation. It doesn’t make the annoying sound that disturbs the others. In spite of being powerful, it doesn’t make your cooking experience awful and distractive. Enjoy a clean atmosphere while cooking.

Material and usability

The structure has a lifetime guarantee because it is made up of stainless steel sheets. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, it’s easy to clean and it has no durability challenges. Being easy to clean makes you worriless with cleanliness and hygiene.

Baffle Filter

On the best kitchen chimney in India are those having baffle filters. It’s because Indian cuisine contains a lot of frying and intense cooking that produces oil fumes and smoke. some like charcoal filters, some like baffle, Baffle filters can easily take care of the situation and we have manual control to clean them.


  • 1000 m3 suction.
  • 3 W LED bulbs.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Baffle filter.
  • 155 W.


  • No touch controls

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11. Glen 90 cm 1200 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney


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No dirt no grime, no-hassle, easy to clean design chimney from glen. It is one of the smartest chimney designs so far we have seen in our review list. The frontal portion of the chimney is very smart, compact, and thin which the tunnel has been made prominent.

Very sleek design, from sides it looks like a single sheet of an inch and half or 2. The lower portion is in black color while the vertical smoke tunnel is in silver color with stainless finishing. It looks so beautiful and adds beauty to your kitchen. best chimney for kitchen in India


Now coming to the performance, it has powerful suction with a lifetime guarantee. Thanks to the powerful Italian motor that generates ample suction and gives a good performance. It generates 1200 m3 suction per hour.


Thanks to the experience, Glen retained in the course of the past 2 years that Glen makes innovative devices that are capable of self-cleaning. The auto cleaning function helps a lot to keep the performance up to the next level.

Ergonomic controls

Touch controls are so assistive that they make machine operation seamless and easy. Just a gentle touch makes the ample grill smoke easily disappear. No buttons are involved, no knobs are involved, just touch the panel and it will be done.

LED lights

LED lights are perfectly placed where they generate ample lighting that helps a lot with visibility. To be honest, a good kitchen chimney without an LED light complex or LED light bars is incomplete. Touch controls have nice backlighting that illuminates the function icon.

Metal housing and airflow

The main blower fan housing is made up of metal that can resist well in front of the heat. It works smoothly and seamlessly without any irritating sound. The advanced airflow system has enough room for air to flow that it doesn’t cause any choking to hot air.


  • 1200 m3 suction.
  • LED light illumination.
  • Dynamic airflow.


  • Noise level can be a little high at high-performance mode


12. Faber Hood 3N1 Aerostation Glamour Ft Ab Ltw 60, Alligator Black

best chimney for kitchen in India

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Let me introduce another beautiful product by Faber that looks amazing in black. It has a 1-year product warranty whereas a 10-year motor warranty that shows how durable it is. It has a decent suction capacity of 1000m3 per hour.

Faber aerostation comes with straight walls symmetric design. On the front bottom edge there are 2 LED lights whereas at slight back you’ll find the smoke intakes. The smoke suction chamber looks a bit thicker from a side angle. best chimney for kitchen in India

LED lights

You’ll see a lot of LED lights in these products. First of all there are 2 big LED lamps that keep the cooking area illuminates. Secondly, all the functions have different LED lights so at a single glance one can understand the running mode. There are red, orange, and green colors that represent speed levels 3, 2, and 1 respectively.

3 layer filtration

What’s 3 in 1? Well, the 3 in one function points towards the filtration technology that works in 3 layers. The first one is a Nylon filter, the second one is carbon and the third one is a HEPA filter. Combining the performance of these 3 filters you get a neat and clean kitchen environment.

Working of the filters

The nylon filter removes the granular particles from the air such as dirt and dust particles. The second layer, the carbon filter cleans and filters the odor and gases. The third and last, HEPA filter, cleans harmful particles such as pollens, dust, and smoke, up to 1 micron.

Gentle touch 

Soft or gentle touch technology enhances the ease of operation with a single gentle touch. Just a single gentle touch turn your product ready to use. The trendy backlighting makes it look beautiful and interactive.

Suction power

The high suction rating of Faber is 1000m3 per hour. The ample suction power helps in grabbing heavy oil fumes and smoke particles. It produces 62 dB of sound which isn’t bad, coupled with such good performance.


  • 1000 m3 suction.
  • HEPA filter.
  • Interactive LED lights.
  • Soft-touch operation.
  • 3 layer filter.


  • High performer but a bit noisy



Dear readers, we have tried our level best to choose market best products for reviews. Our criteria were the number of sales and a higher ratio of positive reviews. Our research resulted in top 12 products loaded with good qualities and good reputation. best chimney for kitchen in India

Surprisingly there is a cut throat competition between all of the products. Most of them have a lot of pros and very little to no cons. Sometimes in such a condition, it becomes easy to pick the best one. You need to be careful while choosing the best kitchen chimney in India. best chimney for kitchen in India

We won’t leave you stranded. Following are the attributes on the basis of which you can narrow down the number of products. best chimney for kitchen in India

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