Top 10 Best Geyser For Hard Water In India | Buying guide and Reviews

If you want to buy the Best Geyser For Hard Water In India this winter, then you are in the right place. In cold weather, it may be difficult to get a shower of cold water in the morning. Best Geyser For Hard Water In India Here you get the best geizer / water heater to install in your home during the winter and relax with a hot water bath every morning.

In the market you find different types and geyser/water heaters, but if you are looking for the Best Geyser water Heater in India, check out the list below and get a premium water heater this winter.

Inside [picture] A suitable geyser or water heater to keep in mind when buying a water heater does not consume too much electricity. You need to consider a water heater for each family’s growth. You should provide hot water for a few minutes as soon as possible

Most people believe that the power of a water heater is affecting electricity consumption, but there are some things that are related to the use of electricity. there is. .

To help you in the best way, we discuss all the important things to consider before buying the Best Water Heater in India. At the end of the article we will show you a guide on how to buy an air heater.

We strongly recommend that you read our purchasing and purchasing instructions. Below is a list of twelve mageys based on power, power consumption, power, type, guarantees, customer reviews, market price, styles and design, and more.


Top 10 Best Geyser For Hard Water In India 


Storage Geysers Water Tank Capacity Power Conjumption Inner Tank + Warranty
AO Smith SDS-Green-015 Vertical Storage Geyser 15 Litre 2000 watts 7+4 years
Bajaj New Shakti GL Water Heater 25 Litre 2000 watts 5+ 2 years
American Micronic AMI WHM3 Water Heater 25 Litre 2000 watts 2 years
V-Guard Victo Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 2 years
Havells Monza EC5S Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 6+2 years
Usha Misty Water Heater 25 Litre 2000 watts 7+2 years
V-Guard Victo Plus Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 7+2years
Racold Eterno 2 Water Heater 15 Liters 2000 watts 7+2 years
Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Liter Storage Geyser 15 Liters 2000 watts 7+2 years
Longway Water Heater 25 liters 2000 watts 5+1years

1. A.O. Smith HSE-SDS-15 / HSE-SES-25

Best Geyser For Hard Water In India

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  • Available in 2 sizes, 15 liters and 25 liters
  • Free installation is provided in metro cities
  • Nominal Water Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Temperature Range: 25-75 ° (Santigrad)


The water heater developed by A.O Smith is one of the leading products on the market. Available in 2 different options. The smaller version, HSE-SDS, has a capacity of 15 liters. Another option (HSE-SES) comes with a storage capacity of up to 25 liters.

This Glass Bottle comes with a unique and compact design that makes it one of the best shopping on the market.

The heating element in this water heater comes with a glass cover that helps prevent scales from forming on the surface. The inner tank of the driver has a blue diamond glass liner that protects against corrosion.

In this stylish-looking water heater, you will get a button in the center that will help you control the water temperature. If the temperature exceeds the desired level, the water heater will automatically shut off.

Overall, the AO Smith HSE-SDS / HSE-SES is one of the best water heaters you can think of before buying a driver for your home. If you use more hard water, this may be the best deal for you.

This water heater has been rated 4 stars by the Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE), which optimizes the power consumption of this product. The product comes with a 7-year warranty on the inner tank and a 2-year warranty for the heating element.


  • It has a 7-year warranty
  • Can be used with hard water
  • Top-quality features that prevent decay


  • Appropriate pipes that are not included in the packaging must be consumed
  • If you stay in an urban area, you will have to pay for the installation

2. Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Storage Water Heater

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  • 3 stars rated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Glass-wrapped cover on the inner tank
  • Power: 2000 watts


Bajaj is one of the most popular Indian brands in electrical appliances. This water heater is available in three different storage options, namely 10, 15, and 20 liters.

The outer surface of the Schofben tank is made of mild steel and the inner tank is lined with a glass line that prevents damage such as rust and corrosion.

The product has been awarded 3 stars by BEE, making it one of the most energy-efficient water heaters among its competitors. Schoffin is ideal for high pressure, up to 8 bar pressure.

The luggage, the inner tank have 2 years warranty and the heating element has 5 years warranty.


  • Fire Retardant Cable
  • Lifelong Incoloy Heating Element
  • Great product for high water pressure
  • Free Installation from Bajaj


  • You must pay extra for Installation Accessories such as pipes, screws, etc.
  • The BEE has a single 3-star rating, although there are many more electricity efficient options

3. American Micronic AMI-WHM3-15LDx Water Heater

The American Micronic AMI-WHM3-15LDx Water Heater is available in a 15 liter tank storage variant on Amazon. More than 287 families in Amazon rated this product highly.

  • Capacity: 15 liters
  • 2mm ultra-thick inner steel tank
  • BEE rated 5 star

The geyser’s internal tank is made of 2 mm thick premium quality steel, which gives it optimum life compared to other water heaters available on Amazon.

The company claims that the water heater is very unique due to its high energy efficiency power, and the geyser has three different power measurements (800W / 1200W / 2000W).

This internal water tank even has a magnesium anode that saves corrosion. The geyser has two control knobs that help preset the water temperature.

The boiler also has a green and red indicator that will burn automatically when the water is hot according to the temperature you set by the knob beforehand.


  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • India’s only water heater with 3 ways to save energy


  • Installation is not free
  • It is not suitable for a place with very cold conditions

4. V Guard Calino (15L & 25L)

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  • Optional: 15L and 25L
  • Warranty: 2 years production, 7 years in domestic tank
  • This water heater comes with a remote control
  • Rated BEE as 5 stars


This water heater comes in 2 storage sizes. The smallest water tank has a capacity of 15 liters. The biggest difference is the capacity of 25 liters.

The water heater comes with a small screen that shows the temperature of the water. This hot water is designed for modern toilets where you do not need to set the temperature on the stove.

With the remote control that comes with the water heater, you can easily set the water touch to a soft touch.

Gazer is not only a style and technology package, but V-Zeb makes sure you don’t spend a lot of money on electricity when you buy this water heater.

Therefore, it is rated BEE 5 stars to save energy. The water heater comes with a two-year product warranty.


  • A free installation kit is available with a water heater
  • Free installation on V-Gard
  • Works well with remote control
  • Modern look and style to enhance your bathroom


  • Available only in 10L and 25L, it may not be suitable for a single or nuclear family


5. Havells Monza EC 10

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  • Storage capacity: 10 l, 15 l and 25 l
  • Warranty: 2 years for the product; 5 years in a box
  • Free delivery in big cities
  • 5 star rating BEE


India is one of the largest energy companies in India. Howell Monza EC 10 is a leading design with a high quality design that provides a great design.

The water heater comes with a heavy anode channel that protects the tank from rust. By buying a BDZ whirlpool bath, you will save a lot of money on electricity.

The water heater comes with a capacity of 10 liters. To improve the water flow (25 ° C – 75 ° C), the hot tub has a round chamber on the ground floor.

The inner water tank is made of very thick stainless steel, which ensures a great life of the water heater and will last you a long time.

The water heater is equipped with 2 LED indicators that tell you when the water is ready for use at an early temperature.


  • Glass technology
  • 8 bar Nominal pressure
  • Free installation in big cities
  • 2 color options available


  • The temperature regulator is white with invisible white arrows.

6. Usha Misty Geyser

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  • Pressure 8 bar
  • 7 year tank warranty
  • 5-star rating for electricity efficiency
  • Glass enamel

The boiler is one of the cheapest and best water heater available in India. There are 4 different sizes in this geyser model, i.e. 6L, 10L, 15L & 25L. You can buy any variation depending on family size and daily requirements.

The steel inside of this water heater is of high quality and 2 mm thick. The inner tank is covered with stainless steel lined with glass to prevent corrosion of the geysers.

The outer body of the geyser is made of ABS plastic, which gives a stylish look to your bathroom decor.

The parts used in this boiler are of high quality, preventing them from corroding. The geyser can withstand up to 8 bar pressure.

BEE even honored this product with 5 stars, which makes it an efficient water heater.


  • All variations available (6L, 10L, 15L and 20L)
  • The inner carton is 2 mm thick
  • Free climbing kits
  • Free installation of Usha


  • Only 2 color options are available
  • Water heaters weigh about 1 kg, slightly heavier than other water heaters on the market.
  • It May not work in extremely cold conditions

7. V-Guard Victo Plus 15 Litre Geyser

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The V-Guard Victo Plus is an upgraded version of the Victo Water Heater in terms of design and functionality. Ergonomic design and customized protection, use and performance are ideal for modern homes. Basically, it gives you a smooth, effortless performance.

The Victo Plus retains the cylindrical shape of the Victoria Water Heater and gives some variation in shape. Integrated with the digital control panel design with a control knob, it creates a sophisticated intermediate water heater. The inner jug ​​is made of high-quality steel and covered with anti-corrosion powder for long service life. The four-tier protection system is also very effective and provides a safe and healthy environment.

The fireplace has a seven-segment digital display that reflects the temperature of the tank. The modern running clock makes it easy to control the thermostat. When we come back to the interior components, the interior container is also covered with a layer of premium glass to prevent corrosion with single ld alloy technology. PUF insulation maintains high temperatures for a long time, even when the power supply is off. Sacrifice magnesium-coated anode prevents corrosion and other electronic chemical reactions in the tank. The smart thermostat also has an automatic off function. Finally, the multifunctional safety valve ensures that proper water pressure is maintained.


  • Beautiful design
  • Digital display
  • Exceptional protection features
  • The ability to retain heat is great


  • The heat indicator is not bright.

8. Racold Eterno 2 15-Liter Geyser

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Radocold Eterno 2 from a well-known brand claims as proof for a smart/intelligent water bath. Impressive design 15-liter smooth water heater is very efficient. Rashid notes that this smart water heater saves up to 40% of energy while delivering perfect hot water at any temperature.

The inner container has a super polymer coating that collects the weight of lime. Protective coating technology helps prevent corrosion and ensures high efficiency. The special heating element of titanium protects the heater and prolongs its service life. The smart protective feature of the boiler keeps the water pressure under high pressure.

Explaining his claim to energy efficiency, Rackold said that a reasonable mix of hot and cold water with a special unlock ensures frequent restarts and longer hot water. This is definitely a 5 star BE product.


  • Energy saving
  • Effective warranty period
  • High performance
  • Heats up in 7-8 minutes
  • The automatic thermostat is off
  • The heat retention lasts longer


  • Customer service needs to be improved


9. Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Liter Storage Geyser

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The Crompton geyser is known for its design and efficiency. The solarium is nothing else. The modern design of the heater is attractive, but it is full of hair and can hold 15 liters. The unique design is very unique.

The solarium can withstand water pressure of 8 bar, making it more suitable for multi-story buildings. The inner tank is fitted with anti-corrosion material through a welding line, which helps to reduce water leakage by 66%. The tank is lined with a stainless steel body that is good for durability. The Ater box also has an advanced temperature range of 3 degrees, which includes a capillary thermostat, heat switch and a softening “plug” to ensure a safe working environment.


  • Ultimate security system
  • Easy installation
  • The car is broken
  • Maintain heat for 6 hours
  • Quick fix


  • The display lights need improvement

10. Longway Stainless Steel  Geyser

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Long-distance water heaters are famous for their high-temperature resistance. This is more convenient for those who participate in the same race at the same time. It has the ability to store up to 25 stars in stunning gases. It has an anti-vacuum system, an automatic thermostat, and switches off the power when necessary. The additional heating element is coated with magnesium, which has the greatest impact on its production.


  • Good warranty period
  • AVS technology
  • Good response to heating


  • Poor customer service


Tips Before Buying A Best Geyser

Now the heater is one of the most important appliances in our home, especially in the cold season. Because the process of importing water from the furnace is consistent, it is not only dangerous but also irritating.

Geysers come in two models: fast and fast.

Compared to tap water, there is a water tank that fills the water immediately. However, they cost less money and take up more space when installing walls.

When buying the best geyser, you need to consider the following important points.

Capacity: Normally a container fermenter ranges from 6 to 35 liters. If you need hot water to wash the dishes in the kitchen, the capacity of 6 to 8 liters is sufficient. But enough to bathe in a pot of 8-10 liters. And for the bathroom you need a geyser that weighs more than 15 liters.

Water storage material: The most commonly used materials are copper, stainless steel or steel. Stainless steel materials include protective coating and glass coating that prevents corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. And the insulation is better than usual and requires little maintenance.

Electricity: Most water producers in the Indian market have between 1500 and 3000 watts. A general rule is that the stronger the water, the stronger the water.

Heating Element : The hot element is just as important as the contents of the tank. Most brands produce copper heating elements in layers to prevent corrosion. Some manufacturers use glass-covered eco-friendly heaters; They are considered the best and most expensive in Jung Jung. After about 4 years with those solid water sources.

Auto-Off Feature: Many heaters have automatic turn-off features. Most people forget to turn off the water heater. In these cases, it is very harmful. This will close the water spray cycle to prevent heat.

Power Consuption: Depending on the weather and usage, electric water heaters make up 15% of your monthly electricity bill. Most appliances are energy efficient, but it is important to understand how much energy the heater uses to save.

Durability And Maintenance: The durability of a water heater represents its ability to withstand unpleasant situations and function effectively. The durability of the geyser guarantees long-term properties without damaging the product. In addition, geyser maintenance depends on the type of geyser and its frequent use.

Warranty: As with any household appliance, water heater warranty is important. Most luxury seekers have a 4-5 year warranty on the water tank and a 2-3 year warranty on the other parts. If the product does not work during the warranty period, you will receive a free replacement or repair.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?


1.What Are The Best Water Heater Brands?

The best brand ensures quality, efficiency and good after-sales service. From so many brands here comes the best – OS blacksmiths, Havells, Crompton, Bajaj, Racold, American Microni, V-Guard, and Kenstar. They offer geisers with a capacity of 10L-35 L. They are available at Amazon or Flipkart. Some offer free installation. Even if they are paid they are always better than calling a local plumber.


2. Can I Install The Geyser Myself?

We do not recommend wearing a geyser so you do not become an expert. We recommend that you avoid plumbing because they do not follow safety regulations and are often incompetent. It is best to seek help from an accredited service center. Some manufacturers provide excellent service when purchasing new products.


3. Why Does My Water Heater Work?

Modern water heaters are available for constant drainage of a small amount of water. This is to control the internal volume of water in the tank. A wide range of safety valves controls water pressure and temperature and prevents tank leakage and rupture.


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