Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021 – Reviews And A Friendly Guide To Buyers

Before going to the list of best BBQ grills in India, we have done some digging for you to understand the categories of grills and the way it works before you went on to the final task of buying it. You must have proper knowledge about the types of grills available in India. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

There are four types of BBQ grills available in India. These include a gas grill, charcoal grill, portable grill, and electric grill. Let’s discuss each of them in detail so you can pick up the type of grill you want to purchase.

1. Gas Grills

Having a party at your place or some friends suddenly showed up? No problem, a gas grill is here to solve your problem as it is popular in serving such causes. You can place the gas grill in the backyard of your house in the garden where you can have a little party. Using these gills are very easy as you can cook your meat by using natural gas or propane. It is a low budget investment for greater fun.

2. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal-based grills are also very efficient and easy to use. There are a lot of popular charcoal grills in India that are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Here are few basic charcoal grills available in the Indian market.

a. Barrel Grills and Smokers

If you are a lover of slow cooking and smoking meat, barrel grills and smokers are the perfect choices for you. These grills are mostly used for larger gatherings and are more versatile than kettle grills. You may find them a little expensive than kettle grills but they vary in shapes and not necessarily they have a traditional rounded bottom or top.

b. Kettle Grills

The most reasonable and popular among charcoal grills are kettle grills. They are very easy to use and come in different shapes and sizes; you can pick one according to your choice. It cooks the meat fast as compared to barrel grills and smokers, suitable for you if you have a small family but they cannot be used for big families or big events.

c. Kamado and Ceramic Grills

These kinds of grills are similar to the Japanese designs. The best thing is that they allow you to control the temperature and heat flow which is very convenient. They serve different purposes apart from grilling such as making juicy meats, pizzas, bread, and different kinds of desserts.

3. Portable Grills

Portable grills are very interesting as they are travel-friendly. They are available in both the gas and charcoal forms. They can be assembled and decrease in size conveniently so they must not become a burden when you travel. This is a small and portable product which you can take from one place to another without even bothering. Ensure that must carry at least 4-5 pieces at a time if not 10-15. It is a great product for you if you have an interest in traveling.

4. Electric grills

As you can see from the name, the electric grills are powered by electricity and you can cook your meat on the grills plates heated by electricity. And since they are electrically powered, you don’t need to heat the grills using charcoal or gas fire. These grills are good to use at those places where the fire is restricted but obviously, the taste is not the same as meat cooked by charcoal or gas fire. However, it is a bonus for beginners to learn grilling as it does not affect much, and they can learn how to use a grill. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

What are the factors to look at before buying the Best BBQ Grill in India?

Grilling is a significant part of the cooking as we host multiple events throughout the year but choosing one particular grill that suits you, can be tricky. That is why we mentioned above the type of commonly used grills in India, so you can pick the best barbeque grill of your choices.

But the task is not completed yet. Apart from learning about the types of grills in India, you must know what to look for in a grill before finally purchasing. whether you like a traditional barbeque grill or a modern one , you must look fo the followinhg.The most important factors are discussed below. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

  1. Affordability and Portability

The main concern of everyone before buying a grill is affordability. If you went through all the grills described above, you much have learned the difference between the cheaper and expensive ones. However, the kettle grills are cheaper than the komodo ones. You must decide according to your use, demand, and affordability. For that, go through the section of the best BBQ grills in India and choose the product that matches your requirements. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

  1. Size 

Size is also another major factor to choose while finding your product. If you are looking for a smaller portable grill for traveling, you must go with the portable grills that are convenient to move from one place to another. If you want a grill for your backyard, pick up the larger ones that are ideal for big events as they can hold 40-50 pieces at once.

  1. Styles

The kettle charcoal barbeque grills are easily available and affordable as well. They are small in size and convenient. Ceramic grills are used for multi-purposes but are very expensive. For big events or smoking tasks, barrel grills are the best option. They cover a lot of tasks at once and are shaped as a classical curve from top and bottom.

  1. Cleaning and Maintainance

The most important point among the all discussed above, cleaning and maintenance is a crucial part. It doesn’t matter if your grill is a little less stylish or smaller in size etc but carefully choose the grill that is easy to clean and maintain because this is a hectic part. Thus, spend a little extra time on finding the exact product that matches all your requirements. Long story short, we are looking for a grill that cooks the meats quickly and easily, and we don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the grill. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

  1. Temperature Control

Another important factor to consider while choosing the right grill is temperature control. To find that, you must look for a product that has dampers at the right distance from coal to grill mesh. To let the oxygen in and out, there must be at least two dampers present on the grill. Another method to control the heat flow is by managing a suitable distance from food to coal. If you buy a model that comes with the charcoal net, you can adjust the height accordingly.

Top list of best BBQ Grills in India

After doing a lot of research on the Indian market through the internet, we have come up with the top list of BBQ grills available in India. Weber Compact 57 Charcoal Grill came up as a top pick of 2021 in the Indian BBQ grill market as it has the best wattage, temperature control, size, cleaning, and maintenance, etc. The budget pick from the list is H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-06 Terrace Garden Picnic Barbecue with 7 Skewers, 1 Grill & 2 Packet of Charcoal (Structure Black). Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

Top 4 BBQ Grills available in India

1. Weber Compact 57 Charcoal Grill- Outdoor Charcoal Barbecue Grill

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The Weber Compact 57 Charcoal grill is our top pick for BBQ at any space. Although, it is best used for outdoor events because of its larger size. It is usually used for a big get-together but you can also use it indoor grill session. It has a lot of unique features including a rust-resistant aluminum ash catcher, nylon handle, and even heat distributor. The product has a 10-year warranty. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

The barbecue grill charcoal set is among the top on the list because has several great reviews due to its professional outdoor use for grilling, roasting, and baking. If you try small meat chunks while covering the whole area, it will not take more than 20 minutes. It also has a roasting feature that is used to cook bigger cuts of meat. You can cook meat, pizzas, cakes and even desserts. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

The rust-resistant aluminum ash catcher is well tested for its performance and it did well in removing the ashes. The rust-proof aluminum vents work for clearing out the smoke. The grilling party could be done in no time with the meat pieces cooked evenly from both sides. You will get a delicious taste as they will be soft and firm to eat.


  • Grilling is faster.
  • Easy to use.
  • It doesn’t make too much smoke.
  • Cooks the food evenly from both sides.


  • All you need to buy is Chimney Starter to evacuate the smoke.

Final tip

The Weber Compact 57 Charcoal Grill has the best cooking space and grilling features are magnificent. The heat distribution is outstanding and famous for efficient and quick cooking.


2. FLYNGO Foldable Charcoal barbeque for camping


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If you are interested in cooking, you must know that Prestige barbeque grill is one of the most reliable and trusted and brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. The Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill is a product that provides delicious cooking and smoking whether it is fish, meat, or vegetables for daily use. It is very convenient to use and you can assemble it in no time. It stands on top of other Prestige products due to unbeatable portability and amazing damping features. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

While trying this product you will find out that the product is easy to clean with grill cleaning pieces and maintain, avoiding the hectic work after cooking. it is one of the best charcoal combo grills .It comes with a warranty and the portable legs make it easy to place anywhere and the portable factor adds much if you love traveling. Fold the legs, put them in the van and go camping along with your family. The cord length is 1m which is not that big of a deal.

It comes with a warming rack that helps in cooking grilled vegetables and meat. The heat flow is great as it results in evenly cooking the grilled pieces from both sides.


  • Quick to assemble.
  • Coal-based cooking.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Faster grilling.


  • The cooking space is small.

Final tip

The Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill set for home  is easy to assemble and pick along, plus it has an amazing feature of the damper. It is the most recommended try if you are looking for the reliable coal barbeque grills.


3. Hy-Tec Terrace Garden Barbeque- Best BBQ Grill For Apartment Balcony

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Tec Terrace Garden Barbeque came on top of the list as we went through the best online BBQ grills in India. It is easy to avoid the tough duties as it is easy to clean and maintain and comes with the accessories like stainless steel skewers, a wooden handle, and a warming stick.

The thing that most the consumer talked about it is its ability to cook the meat in no time. The detachable legs and the portable case makes it an ideal place to travel with it. It is also unique for keeping the food warm for a long time. Also, it has spring handles that are easy to use. It is a must recommended product if you are interested in grilling with a non-stick Steel Grill. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

This product has gone through the testing period and it came out effective in grilling the meats evenly from both sides. It is a long-lasting product which you can see from its double structure metal body. It is a lightweight grill with grabs so you can take it on your balcony without any effort.


  • Fast grilling.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • Easy to use.
  • Travel-friendly.


  • No Iron Plate for barbecue

Final Tip

The Hy-Tec Terrace Barbecue for grilling is a great investment in a user-friendly barbeque grill India that you can you at home and carry along at any place. It is portable, easy to clean and maintain.


4. Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque- Best BBQ Grill For Money

Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

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Well! Well! Well! If you have a low budget and you want an amazing featured barbeque grill for home cooking, let me present Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque for you. It is such a user-friendly product that matches your product. It is easy to take care of and assemble at the same time. It is a low weight product that consumes very little space in your kitchen. It comes along with a wooden handle that is good for safety. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

After trying the product, you will find out that it keeps your food warm for a long-time so it may not lose the taste. The food is cooked quicker and it is the best barbeque grill for picnics, small events, families and much more. It comes with detachable legs that make the thing travel friendly.


Quick to assemble.

Coal-based cooking.

Portable case.

Easy to clean.


The paint can be better

Final Tip

Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque can get you the center of attention in your family. It makes your ordinary food lip-smacking and delicious in no time. It is an affordable item that you get to impress your friends and circle.


If you love cooking at home or you are a fan of arranging parties at home, then having a BBQ grill at home is a must. Either you dine at some fancy restaurant or you order something from a nice place but nothing matches the taste of a freshly grilled juicy meat that you can impress anyone with. It may be a difficult task for someone new to find a perfect BBQ grill in the Indian market and to ease that problem we have listed down the top grills available in the Indian market. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

Moreover, if you are still confused about buying, you can choose the product based on your requirements, usage, and budget. So, don’t waste your time and choose an efficient and fancy grill from our list to enjoy the memorable evenings of the hot summers and outdoor lunches in chilly winters. Best Home Usage BBQ Grills In India for 2021.

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