Best Spring Mattress in India 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

When the priority is sound sleep, choosing the Best Spring Mattress in India is the First Step to accomplish your goals. Pocket spring mattresses are probably the best spring mattresses that address the problem related to motion transfer. Spring mattresses have interconnected coils or wires within the mattress. James Marshall invented the technology behind pocket mattresses.

Pocket mattresses consist of separate coils where Springs remain encapsulated within their fabric pocket. Such cushions have increased spring count in comparison to other traditional spring cushions. Pocket cushions overcome the problems of motion transfer and offer you uninterrupted sleep for the entire night.

1. Wake-Up 8-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

Wake-Up 8-inch Pocket spring mattress is a luxury and comfy mattress that comes equipped with zero partner disturbance Technology. In such mattresses, pockets remain enclosed in fabric sleeves that allow them to apply pressure independently instead of Applying pressure as a unit.

This minimizes movement and offers a comfortable touch. Spring remained closed in pockets, ensuring zero partner disturbance. Wake up uses HD quality springs and the mattresses are medium-soft, which makes them ideal for regular use.

Cushions do not release heat as The open spring construction facilitates air circulation. Cushions offer great support by distributing your weight evenly and are durable due to the individual spring action. You can flip it over, While one side is soft the other side is hard, and it relies upon your preference. Both sides come with air ventilation and antimicrobial features that keep away dust, mites, and bacteria. The Pocket spring mattress comes backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Features & details :

Brand Name: Wake Up

Product Firmness: Medium

Product Thickness: 20.32 CM

Construction Type: Knitted

Item Dimension: 182.88 x 152.4 x 20.32 cm

Material: (High-Density Foam) PU Foam

Color: White, Brown


2. Century Sleepables 6 Inch Spring Mattress

It is one of the most advanced pocket spring mattresses manufactured by the Century. It comes with a pocketed core and its upper layer is made of memory foam. Century Sleepables 6-inch cushion comes equipped with zoning technology that offers different support at variable layers and offers support to your spinal cord and back.

Century Sleepables is a one-of-a-kind mattress, as it meets all your sleeping requirements. The Reformed foam of the cushion distributes your bodyweight equally and resists motion transfer.

The cushion comprises memory foam that is breathable and facilitates air circulation For enhanced breathability. It enhances the longevity of the product and offers comfort. This mattress includes a special type of Foam that adjusts itself as per YOUR body shape and reduces the pressure points.

Features & details :

Brand Name: Century

Product Firmness: Medium Firm

Product Thickness: 6 inches

Construction Type: Soft Knitted Fabric

Item Dimension: 72 x 48 x 6 Inches

Material: Innerspring, Foam

Color: Multicolor


3. Grassberry Sweet Sixteen-Pocketed Spring Mattress

The Grassberry sweet sixteen six-pocketed mattress Recharges you for the day so that you feel like a champion. The foam structure of the mattress provides ultimate support on the surface, and the side edge areas, thereby making it comfortable to use. Bonnell spring construction of the mattress makes it a bit lightweight.

Such mattresses come with carbon wires and anticorrosive Technology that enhances the longevity of the mattress. It facilitates air circulation so that it makes you feel warm in winter and cool in summer. You will never feel tired again after waking up on the mattress. Moreover, it comes covered with GSM material that is quite soft. As proof of quality, this Product comes back with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Features & details :

Brand Name: Grassberry

Product Firmness: Medium firm

Product Thickness: 6 inches

Construction Type: Knitted fabric

Item Dimension: 198.1 x 76.2 x 20.3

Material: Innerspring, Foam Construction

Color: White

Weight: 8 kg


4. Century Endurance Pro Spring Mattress

It supports the natural spine of your body, and aligns your spinal cord, hence minimizing pressure.

Most important technology used by the century mattress is sleep-enhancing Technology that Optimum Sleep for the user.

The top layer of the cushion consists of memory foam that counters your back. You can flip off the mattress, and will likely find that One side is firm while the other side is soft. This mattress comprises jacquard quality fabric that ensures blissful sleep.

Multiple adaptive foam layer of the mattress offers Cushioning effect for optimal comfort. Like a quality mattress, it has antimicrobial features that protect Your Body against bacteria and other allergens.

Century Endurance Pro mattress comes with a spring Core and consists of a memory foam Pillow top Layer. The Zoning technology ensures that different parts of the mattress have different support, thereby reducing the pressure points. It has a medium firmness and comes back with a Limited 8-years manufacturing warranty.

Features & details :

Brand Name: CENTURY

Product Firmness: Medium Firm

Product Thickness: 8 inches

Construction Type: Pocket Innerspring

Item Dimension: ‎ 72x42x8 inches

Material: Knitted Upholstery Material

Color: Grey

Weights: 37 Kgs


5. Amore Reboot Eurotop Spring Mattress

Amore Reboot International pocketed spring mattress offers plush support and back support and helps you to overcome pain And get quality sleep. It consists of convoluted Latex Foam And three-dimensional ventilated quilted side borders that offer support to your body and provide a cool sleeping experience.

Amore mattress comes with quality foam that offers you excellent support and Optimal comfort. It includes the Jacquard fabric That is Ideal for rich and luxurious sleep. The latex foam of the mattress is designed to offer excellent pressure management and support. Handcrafted pocketed spring squab reduces the sinking in feeling and Allows the user to twist and turn on the bed.

The 3D quilted side of the cushion prevents movement of the Filler, While providing better support and comfort during its long-term use.

Features & details :

Brand Name: AMORE

Product Firmness: Medium Firm

Product Thickness: 8 inches

Construction Type: Innerspring, Foam

sleeping requirement.

Item Dimension: ‎ 72x42x8 inches

Material: Knitted Upholstery Material

Color: White

Weights: 28 Kgs


6. Peps Bonnel 6-inch Single Size Spring 72x36x06 Mattress

Peps mattress is India’s first therapeutic cushion, and the brand has gained recognition for delivering beddings that offer optimal support. SpringKoil pocketed mattress is one of the most popular products of the brand And has been highly recommended by consumers. It is a state-of-the-art mattress that comprises revolutionary foam adjusted to your body at the right points.

The Bonnel spring of the mattress supports your back and makes it feel soft and comfortable. It makes the mattress ideal for a kid’s room or guest room.

The layer above the rejuvenating PU foam Sufficient support to the body counters Is made of soft ruffled woven fabric that makes it durable and rigid.

The mattress gets designed in such a way that it provides the same comfort from both sides. Even after using it, it provides the same comfort as new.

Features & details :

Brand Name: Peps SpringKoil

Product Firmness:

Product Thickness: 6 inches

Construction Type: Innerspring, Foam

Item Dimension: 72x36x06

Material: Knitted Upholstery Material

Color: Maroon


7. Boston Basics Bonnel Spring Single Mattress 

Boston is one of the most popular manufacturers of the premium mattress market of UP in India. It has over 40 years of industry experience and Excel in the art of manufacturing First class mattresses that meet the exact sleeping requirements.

Boston queen-size mattress provides you optimal comfort and supports So that you wake up refreshed the following day. The 6-inch Boston pocketed spring mattress is top-rated and available in the price range. Boston spring mattresses are the most traditional thought of innerspring squabs. The top layer of the mattress consists of jacquard fabric that makes the mattress long-wearing and comfortable. The Bonnell spring construction of the mattress makes it lightweight and increases air ventilation. Supporting a heavy-duty felt pad out of the bedding, it creates a consistent feeling across the springs.

Features & details :

Brand Name: Boston

Product Firmness: Mid Firm

Product Thickness: 6 inches

Construction Type:

Item Dimension: 75 X 36 X 6 Inch

Material: Innerspring, Foam

Color: White, Blue & Grey


9. Duroflex Riseup – Bonnel Spring Single Size Spring Mattress

Like the Endure Bonnel mattress, Riseup is a quality mattress manufactured by Duroflex And has a specialized rubber core that offers optimal support to your body. It includes a soft pillow top that offers added support and comfort.

The base is courtesy of an interconnected Bonnel spring core, which offers comfort and long-lasting support. As it comes with a resilient spring, it maintains a perfect balance between support and bounce. A high-quality foam layer of the cushion delivers increased support and offers extended Cushioning support for optimal comfort.

The active NRG layer of the Cushion offers optimal support to the back while offering zoning effort.

High-density foam forms the supportive and an additional layer of plushness

Features & details :

Brand Name: Duroflex

Product Firmness: Medium Soft

Product Thickness: 7 inches

Construction Type: PU Foam

Item Dimension: ‎75 x 30 x 6 inches

Material: Resilient Bonnel Spring

Color: Blue

Weight: 13.7 Kilograms

9. Springtek Dreamer Bonnel Spring 6-Inch Queen size Mattress

It is time to update your sleeping experience with the Springtek 6-inch Bonnel spring mattress that provides Ultimate support to all the pressure points. Springtek offers you a one-stop solution for sound sleep in the form of the Bonnel spring cushion fitted with innovative technologies and features to meet your sleeping requirements.

This mattress consists of high-tempered Steel material that adds robustness to the unit. This feature makes it long-lasting and durable. The Antimicrobial quilted cover removes bacteria and other allergens.

It likewise increases air ventilation capacity, so that you can breathe comfortably while resting. anti-corrosive springs of the mattress Consist of carbon wires, which enhance the longevity of the product.

This PRODUCT comes with a limited 6-year warranty.

Features & details :

Brand Name: Springtek

Product Firmness: Medium Firm

Product Thickness: 6 inches

Construction Type: Innerspring

Item Dimension: 78x60x6 inches

Color: Blue

Material: Bonnel springs enclosed in Foam

Weight: 28 Kgs


10. Amazon Brand – Solimo 6-inch King Spring Mattress

Are you searching for a mattress that offers you exceptional support? If so, switch on to the Amazon Brand Solimo king-sized mattress. Those king-sized pocketed spring mattresses offer you a comfortable space. no matter if you are watching TV, reading a book, or watching late-night series, you will feel comfortable resting on it. This cushion remains in the form which means that it is less likely to sink and retain its form for longer.

The lower layer of the mattress is made of high-density foam that provides your body with the support that it needs. Cushion adjusts to your body shape while minimizing the pressure points. The best part is that it has passed over 50 tests And lasts up to 6000 cycles.

Features & details :

Brand Name: Amazon Brand – Solimo

Product Firmness: Medium Soft

Product Thickness: ‎6 Inches

Construction Type: ‎Premium Fabric

Item Dimension: 78x72x6 inches

Material: Bonnel springs enclosed in Foam

Color: ‎Maroon

Weight: ‎33 Kgs


Things to consider when buying the Best Spring Mattress in India

You need to consider factors like warranty, firmness, comfort level when choosing a spring mattress. Keep in mind that mattress size should match your bed. It should neither be smaller nor larger than the bed.

Following are the factors to look for when buying the Best Spring Mattress in India.

  • Mattress Warranty

Mattress Warranty refers to the lifespan depending on the user’s sleeping style and usage. You ought to replace mattresses after every 8-9 years. Mattresses might extend eight years of use. Always purchase mattresses that deliver optimal performance for long period.

  • Firmness of mattress

The factor depends on personal choice. While some people sleep on hard beds, some prefer lightweight mattresses for resting, sleeping. Firmness choices rely on weight, size, and body requirements.

  • Comfort Level

Comfort refers to the capacity of the mattress to keep your spine straight. You wouldn’t be able to sleep properly if you have pain in the shoulders, neck. Before purchasing a spring mattress, ensure that the mattress gives you a 100% comfort level.


FAQs on best spring mattresses in India

Should I go for coir mattresses or spring mattresses?

Go for a spring mattress, as they offer comfort and support to users. Coir mattresses form lump after some time. While spring mattresses are soft and cozy, coir mattresses are tough.

Which mattresses are commendable for people with back pain?

People with back pain should opt for mattresses with medium firmness. Such beddings provide support to your body without being too hard or soft on your body. If you are looking for supportive materials, memory foam mattresses are ideal.

Can I use vacuum cleaners to clean spring mattresses?

Vacuuming is one of the effective ways to clean spring mattresses. High suction vacuum cleaners draw mite and dust from innerspring cushions.



So this was our top 10 list of Best spring mattresses in India. Each bedding has its specialty, features, and advantages. Spring mattress will ease air circulation, provide improved bounciness and coziness. The longevity of the spring mattress extends up to 10 years, and you can buy one at nominal rates.

Talking about the most-reviewed, top-rated mattress of 2021, you can opt for the Wake-Up 8-inch Medium Firm Queen Size Pocket Spring Mattress. It offers comfort and support, but its value for the price makes it popular among buyers. In this article best-suited Spring mattresses in India, we mentioned the Bonnell Spring and pocketed spring mattress. It will make it for you to a product that meets your sleeping requirement.


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