10 Best Wet Grinders In India 2021 – Detailed Buying guide and Reviews

Indian wet grinders are similar to Western European toasters and Asian home cookers. There is no doubt that wet grinders will make our lives easier and reduce the taste of food. Unfortunately, we live in an era where we spend a lot of time and have to rely on railings, and it takes a lot of physical strength to enjoy delicious Wada and Zoni dishes.

However, there are many brands, models, and types that you want to make the right choice when trying to buy a wet grinder. You can deduct your workload by making a list of the 10 Best Wet Grinders In India 2021. This allows you to prioritize from the beginning.


Types Of Wet Grinders In India


  • Commercial wet grinders

Commercially available wet grinders usually feature large drums of 5-10 liters, making them ideal for restaurants and food courts. Normally with only one stone, the drum rotates clockwise and sharpens properly when the power is turned on.


  • Table top wet grinders

The desktop wet grinder is a smaller version of the standard grinder, which has recently become popular due to its versatility and compactness.

  • Tilting wet grinders

The sloping wet grinder saves space and incorporates larger drums. The difference from the big one is that you can tilt the drum to move the battery to another container. This is not possible with a commercially available wet grinder. Easy to clean. Best Wet Grinders In India


1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder

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LG Grind + is India’s leading wet grinder. With a 2 liter capacity and a patented angle wheelbarrow, rice and peas will fall to the ground within 30 minutes. The drums are made of stainless steel, but the rest of this wet grinder is made of high-quality plastic, which keeps the battery healthy and cheap. The dilution grinder comes with battery debris that can be removed from the drum grinder to cool the battery.



Vibration-free operation

Uses rust-resistant material

Multi-utility drum

Endurance motor

Food grade plastic



For multiple trains, this may take some time



2. Panasonic MK-GW200 Super Wet Grinder


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The beautifully designed high-speed coffee grinder has a capacity of 2 liters and doubles the pump capacity. It’s also important to check your child’s home, as it comes with a safety lock. The stainless steel drum is removable The reading speed control button provides excellent wear control. The grinder is designed so that it will not overheat even after long hours of operation. Panasonic is a trusted brand of electronic kitchen appliances, so investing in Panasonic will allow you to buy the best grinders in India.



With speed control knob

With spatula slot

Folding function





It May not be suitable for crushing



3. Butterfly Hippo Table Top Wet Grinder

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The perfect home grinder for those looking for great aesthetics and strong craftsmanship. The battery is excellent as butter and features a 4-way grinder system for heavy stones and impressive grinding pressure. The unbreakable clear polycarbonate lid keeps you on the right track at all times.




Made of ABS resin

High torque engine

Ideal for heavy grinding

Crush into small pieces




Stones can be very heavy

4. Pigeon Platino 12726 Wet Grinder

Best Wet Grinders In India

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Pigeon’s extremely smooth grinder is perfect for easy addition to your kitchen. Equipped with a double-sided ball bearing motor that supports an efficient grinding machine. The grinder body is made of virgin ABS material, but this amount of grinder is durable because it won’t rust if it’s a heavy 2L. Since the stones are not adsorbed, the fabric does not have an old-fashioned odor.



Uncontaminated stone

Contains knee suppressants and cocoa suppressants

Impact-resistant body

Seamless food lid


Stones can be very heavy


5. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08

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If your desktop grinder requires a grinder with drums, a prestige grinder machine is a natural choice. Uniquely designed to save space. With a 2 liter drum, you can easily pour the dough into another bowl. The advanced interlock system ensures accurate alignment of the roller shaft and reduces operating noise. Say “yes” to this strong drink and enjoy the crispy and fluffy dosa at home.




Features 4 tilt positions

Massage the dough

Damage resistant ship

Compact design



I think some people are not good at cleaning.



6. Maharaja Whiteline Fortune Wet Grinder

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With a 2 liter drum and he has two cylinder stones, this wet grinder is perfect for making moist ones the right paste. It also contains coconut supplements and scrubbers to reduce normal cooking times. This grinder is useful for regularly grinding rice or making homemade cakes for dosa or decadence.


Ideal for heavy grinding

Non-slip feet

Compact design

Comes with additional accessories


It’s a shutter sound


7. Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder

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If space is limited, you need a wet grinder, which is a great grinder that is easy to store and can be carried on board. The Premier Desktop Wet Grinder meets all your requirements. The drum  The perfect grinder for small families of 3-4 people to meet the needs of battery manufacturing.



Stainless steel body

Easy to clean




May not be suitable for heavy grinding



8. Vidiem Vision ST 330 A Wet Grinder

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The Vidiem Vision ST 330 Heavy Duty Wet Grinder is a high performance engine that makes grinding and grinding easy. This also enables faster and better grinding. It consists of a 2 L 2-hole stainless steel drum made of mechanical stone.




Hair dryer / face dryer

Extra stone coil

Non-slip belt

Clear machine stone base

I’m not good at communication


The flour can be spread on an uncoated rice mill.


9. Amirthaa Lion Hi-Tech Table Top Wet Grinder

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If you grind lentils for frequent cooking, place them on a well-moist table top on the table top. The liter is 2 liters, and the grindstone rotates 750 rpm and sharpens well. This durable, durable and comfortable grill has everything you need for a wet crater on the internet.





Made of high frequency stainless steel and stainless steel

Non-slip sole

Attractive colors and shapes

I’m not good at communication


Some people may find it a little difficult.


10. Prestige PWG 08 Wet Grinder

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The Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08 comes with two grindstones and a 2 liter capacity stainless steel drum. This grinder has a very elegant design that goes well with modular kitchens. With a built-in advanced adjustment mechanism, the roller body fits securely and is always safe.



High quality rice mill

Quick grind

long lasting


I’m not good at communication


Some may find it a little noisy.


How To Choose The Right Wet Grinders In India?

  • Type

Scroll up to find out more about the types of wet mills available in India. You can choose the type that suits your expectations according to your needs and preferences.


  • Capacity of the drum


The standard capacity of a standard drum grinder is 2 liters. However, if you are a family of two, you can find a wet grinder with 1-1.5 liter drums. For commercial grinders, a capacity of 5-10 liters is sufficient.


  • Grinding stones


Most wet grinders have two rolling stones. Two stone grinders are efficient and fast. Standard capacity grinders can get the job done on time, but if you need faster operation and want to save time, choose a 3-stone wet grinder. I can do that. Cylindrical wheelbarrows are common. However, some new models come with an angle grinder and fixed dust.


  • Motor


It is an important duty to evaluate before purchasing a wet grinder motor. Since the motor is the power source, it can improve or reduce the performance of the grinder. High wattage motors are fast and perform well, especially when grinders are often used in a variety of ingredients such as grains, spices, and legumes. To determine consistency, a 750-watt wet grinder is suitable for hard and regular grinding.


  • Overload protection


If the motor overheats due to overload, the overload protection feature will prevent the motor from malfunctioning, malfunctioning, or burning. This feature is an integral part of purchasing a wet grinder.


  • Speed settings


A wet grinder with at least three-speed settings helps control battery stability. Don’t forget to check if the candidate’s wet grinder offers speed control.


  • Warranty


When purchasing an electronic device, you should check the warranty limits and all parts covered by the warranty. Some have a 2-year warranty, while others have a 5-year warranty. This way, if your wet grinder breaks, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.


  • Additional accessories and features


Many brands offer clear lids and spatulas so you can check and clean the progress of your drum grinder when you buy a wet grinder. In addition to these two accessories, you can also find an atomizer, a coconut scraper, an LED indicator, and a measuring cup if needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Happens If The Wet Grinder Is Too Heavy?

Excess products can lead to hand defects and performance problems. However, if the wet mill is too protected, it will die to prevent damage to the meter.


  1. How Long Does It Take For A Wet Grinder To Make One Round?

A full performance wet grinder completes one cycle in about 20 minutes. If the grinder takes a long time, you should consider repairing it. Best Wet Grinders In India


  1. How To Clean A Damp Grinder?

Remove the grinder and rinse with running water. You can use a brush to wash the batter off the stones and drums.


  1. How To Keep The Grinder Moist?

Always clean stones and drums properly after use to prevent odors. Remove the drum, turn it upside down when not in use, and make sure the grinder is dry when not in use. Best Wet Grinders In India


We hope that the list of India’s top 15 wet grinders considers the pros and cons and offers many options for investing in grinders that meet all expectations. Purchasing the right grinder is important, but with proper care, a wet grinder can play an important role in making it last as long as possible. Therefore, it is best to buy a grinder with a specific capacity that suits your family. Best Wet Grinders In India


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