Which Dishwasher To Choose: Faber Vs Bosch?

Faber and Bosch produce some of the most high-quality dishwashers currently available, so choosing between the two may be challenging. We have analysed each brand’s primary characteristics and propose some of our favourite products from each brand.

You will obtain the product at a lesser cost from Faber since it is well-known for its value-for-money product, in contrast to Bosch dishwashers, which are much more premium but expensive; thus, read the whole article ahead time. 

Overview: Faber and Bosch

Faber wasn’t established in India till 1997, even though the firm was established in Italy in 1955. This firm has been doing business in India for quite some time. Its continued success can be ascribed to the high quality of its commodities and the dependability of the customer support staff. Their principal focus is on selling washing machines at affordable prices.

The Bosch brand was established in 1886, but it wasn’t until 1922 that it was introduced to the Indian market. This makes it one of the world’s oldest and most successful brands. Bosh’s unique design and high-quality construction are two of the company’s most notable selling points.

What is a Faber Dishwasher?

Faber is well-known for its high-quality kitchen and laundry equipment. Abramo Galassi is credited as the founder of the firm. Fabriano is home to the company’s main office.

Franke Holding AG is Faber’s parent company, a privately held business. Faber has released a wide selection of dishwashers, each with its unique design and set of functions.

A Faber dishwasher will make around 44 decibels of noise when operating. The models’ energy-saving settings have been rated A++ and are available.

Both the outside and the inside are finished in stainless steel. The maximum load size for Faber dishwashers is 14 place settings. In general, a pre-rinse is unnecessary before using most Faber models.

Faber dishwashers offer eight distinct cycle options. The average water usage ranges from 10 to 17 litres per day. Power consumption is low, hovering between 1 and 1.6 KW/h for most models.

The models have a 2-year guarantee on parts and labour. When being washed, the models do not maintain the quietest profile. Faber’s dishwashers may be loud, reaching up to 65 dB.

Faber now offers 3D-printed dishwashers. Using 3D technology, greasy pots and pans may have oils and spices easily scrubbed away.

The three spray arms of a Faber dishwasher ensure that the water reaches every crevice of the appliance for a thorough cleaning. The load also mechanically establishes the quantity of water required and the duration of the process.

What is Bosch Dishwasher?

Bosch has introduced more than a hundred unique versions of dishwashers. The company’s dishwashing models appeal to a diverse range of clients.

Because of their extensive product line, Bosch can provide various models at reasonable prices, each with its unique set of washing capabilities. The models provide hygienic washing. Bosch water heaters can raise the temperature to 70 degrees Celsius. Bosch’s models use heating technology that kills germs and bacteria at roughly 99.9 per cent.

Each model also has an automatic mode for maximum cutlery cleanliness. Users may load the dishwasher as usual and choose the “auto programme mode” for the machine to handle everything else.

Bosch dishwashers provide an automatic programme that can regulate the wash cycle, including the rinse duration and water temperature, for you. Since this is the case, the machine thoroughly cleans the cutlery.

Water softeners are included in certain washer models for areas with hard water. A load sensor is included in the models further to reduce power and water use. The dishwashers’ whole interiors should be stainless steel to absorb condensation during drying properly.

However, a few Bosch models don’t include an all-stainless steel construction. A few components are plastic, which isn’t the best material for preventing condensation from forming and forming a film on the surface.

Difference: Faber And Bosch

Drying Performance: –

Faber and Bosch can provide satisfactory drying performance, and some models even offer enhanced drying capabilities, such as raising the drying temperature.

Don’t forget to adjust the dryer’s temperature based on the materials of the tools you want to dry. Therefore, the two brands of dishwashers can provide the same spotless cleaning and rapid drying.

Noise Level: –

With the extended cycle duration of dishwashers, it’s important to check the noise level to ensure you and your family aren’t bothered by it.

Therefore, 45 dB to 55 dB is considered the usual. So, if you have the funds available, go for a dishwasher that doesn’t increase the volume of your kitchen. Standard high-end Faber dishwashers generate 44–45 dB, whereas standard low-end dishwashers generate 49–62 dB.

Space Availability: –

Dishwashers are available in various places and settings, allowing you to choose the model most suited to the number of people in your home. In terms of the number of people who may be served simultaneously, Bosch offers settings for 12, 13, and 14 places, while Faber only offers settings for 12 and 14 places.

Consequently, models with 12 or 13 seats are appropriate for families that range in size from small to medium, and models with 14 seats are an excellent option for very large families.

Smart Functions: –

Dishwashers manufactured by Faber are equipped with three spray arms, which make short work of removing tenacious oil and masala residue. In addition, it comes with a built-in electronic aqua stop mechanism, which adds to its already impressive capacity to save water.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows high-end Bosch dishwashers to be managed remotely by a smartphone, streamlining the process of operating a dishwasher. In addition, both include choices for a quick wash and a half-load of laundry.

Cleaning Performance: –

Dishwashers manufactured by Faber typically heat the water to 69 degrees Celsius, which helps remove dark stains but also helps finish off all the germs and maintain hygiene. In addition, it has salt and rinses aid indicators, which play an important role in detecting the appropriate quantity of detergent and salt for proper cleaning.

As a result of the widespread use of oils and masalas in Indian cuisine, Bosch dishwashers are equipped with a complete kadhai cycle designed to eliminate any greasy and resistant stains.

In addition, there is a feature known as Dosage Assist, which assists in dissolving the detergent so that it can do its function. Because of this, you may have faith that using any brand will help you maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Motor Quality: –

Dishwashers manufactured by Bosch are equipped with an eco-silent drive motor, which makes them noticeably less noisy than dishwashers manufactured by other brands and also utilises a considerable amount less electricity than motors manufactured by other brands owing to inverter technology.

Dishwashers manufactured by Faber, like those manufactured by Bosch, are powered by an inverter technology motor, which enables them to change the energy they use according to the load.

Design and Durability: –

Although both Faber and Bosch have streamlined designs, the former has a greater variety of colour options than the latter (Silver, Black, White, etc., whilst Bosch only offers White and Silver).

Both are made completely of stainless steel, which guards them against corrosion and lengthens the amount of time they may be used effectively.

Washing Programs and Flexibility: –

The Bosch and the Faber dishwashers provide six different wash cycles; however, the Bosch provides three more options for each wash cycle.

You may adjust the height of the drawers, baskets, grills, and racks included inside the device manufactured by any of the two firms, providing you plenty of space to store whatever you want.

Price and Warranty: –

Dishwashers manufactured by Bosch are of a higher quality and cost much more than those manufactured by Faber, which are far more affordable. The warranty that comes with a brand-new product is among the most crucial components of that product. Faber and Bosch, two well-known brands in this sector, stand behind their wares with a warranty lasting ten years against corrosion and a product guarantee valid for two years.

Which dishwasher is better for you, a Bosch or a Faber?

The cost of dishwashers produced by Bosch is much more than the cost of dishwashers produced by rivals, which are not only less costly but also less advanced. This is because Bosch dishwashers are equipped with a motor that runs in a way that is practically inaudible to the human ear, in addition to a plethora of other high-end, cutting-edge technologies.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller budget but you still want the best experience you can have when washing dishes, you may want to think about obtaining a Faber.

Considerations for Buying a Dishwasher

Space: –

In a kitchen with limited counter space, installing a dishwasher will necessitate giving up some space. Installing a dishwasher necessitates giving up either part of your kitchen’s counter or cabinet space or maybe even some of the area your kitchen takes up overall, which can be a significant annoyance.

When planning the layout of your kitchen, keep in mind that the sink and the dishwasher share a water connection and a drain. In addition, the proximity of the dishwasher to the sink makes it convenient to transfer the dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher. If your kitchen is on the more compact side, you may want to give some thought to purchasing an ultraslim type.

Certain extra geographical considerations need to be taken into account: A dishwasher door that is offset from the wall is required to provide sufficient room for a person to stand in front of the sink with the door of the dishwasher open. When the dishwasher is situated in a corner, there must be a gap of at least two inches between the open door of the dishwasher and the adjacent wall or cabinet for proper operation.

Simply adding up the width of all of the apertures in a set of cabinets is required to determine how much space is available underneath them. Please do not attempt to cram yourself inside of it; instead, allow a little space on all sides. 

The height may be determined by beginning at the countertop’s base and working your way up. Remember that the height of the aperture may rise if the kitchen flooring is not put underneath the dishwasher. This is something to keep in mind. When loading and emptying the dishwasher, you need a clearance of at least 27 inches in front of the appliance.

Size: –

Adjustable legs allow a height range of a few inches on different kinds of furniture manufactured to meet a standard footprint. Providers often offer a variation with a width of 18 inches. 

Even though the width of their items might range from 30 to 36 inches, the depth and height of their products are always the same. Only 24 to 36 inches in width and around 19 inches in height characterise a typical dish drawer dishwasher.

Noise: –

The majority of manufacturers do publish an average decibel rating for their devices; however, this figure may be misleading since it takes into account both the quietest portion of the cycle (drying) as well as the loudest part of the cycle (washing). 

Around 50 decibels (dB) is the standard loudness level for most contemporary gadgets. The loudest versions register at over 60 decibels, while the lowest ones register at roughly 38 decibels compared to an aeroplane flying above. To put this into perspective, a library’s decibel level of noise is around 38.

If you want to reduce the amount of noise in the cabin, stainless steel is a better option than plastic. Because stainless steel is an excellent sound absorber, your model’s version with a tub made of stainless steel will be noticeably less noisy than the versions with tubs made of plastic. They are up to ten decibels quieter than their equivalents, made of plastic tubing.

Material: –

Steel and plastic make up the bulk of a dishwasher’s main parts. Dish racks are likewise built of steel, although they are often coated with powder polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or nylon to avoid scratching. The inside tub is often composed of plastic or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is more durable at high temperatures than plastic. A dishwasher with a washing arm made of stainless steel won’t rust and will last longer. With water temperatures reaching up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, microorganisms are effectively killed, and objects are thoroughly cleansed.

It takes less time for stainless steel to dry and less energy to heat. When opposed to the 600 to 750 watts used by a plastic tub, the heating element used in a stainless steel tub consumes far less power. There is hardly any noise in a stainless steel tub compared to a plastic one.

Additional insulating layers surrounding a plastic interior don’t seem to help much; the noise is still audible. Stainless steel is more long-lasting than plastic and won’t discolour, so your dishwasher will last longer and cost less to repair.

Dishwasher plastic is inert and won’t react with cleaning agents. Plastic breaks down more quickly than glass. There are gleaming stainless steel, white, black, beige, and slate door options. Don’t forget that you may conceal your dishwasher behind a panel that matches the rest of your cabinets if you want.

Where to Shop a Best Dishwasher

Your visual tastes may be determined more easily if you visit an appliance store that has a large variety of different models. Inquire with a salesperson about the trays and racks and their many configurations.

When you buy online, you have access to a wider range of items, and there is a possibility that the prices may be lower; nevertheless, you do not get to view the things until they are delivered to your front door. If it does arrive or you start using it and realise that it’s not what you want, you don’t want to suffer through it for the next ten to fifteen years.

Buying In-store: 

If you need to examine the item before committing to a purchase, your best bet is to go to a department store, a home improvement centre, or a big appliance retailer. Depending on where you are, you can have access to a diverse range of possibilities from which to make your selection.

The salespeople who work in appliance speciality stores are expected to have extensive knowledge of the many brands and types of appliances, as well as the willingness to respond to questions posed by clients. In addition, you need to talk to the salesperson about the availability of delivery and the cost of removing the old unit and installing the new one. Remember to tally everything up after the process.

Buying Online: 

Searching for the greatest price for a thing by doing as much research as possible, making comparisons, and going to as many different stores as possible is appealing for some people. You may learn a lot about a dishwasher by reading comments and reviews made by previous buyers. In addition to the return policy, make sure you ask about the shipping prices and any installation services offered.

Dishwashers From Faber And Bosch That Come Highly Recommended

1. A Freestanding Faber Dishwasher with 14 Place Settings (FFSD 8PR 14S)

This Faber dishwasher, which has a 14-place setting type, is one of the company’s best-sellers and is ideal for medium to big households.

This is a premium Faber dishwasher; thus, it comes with eight distinct wash cycles, making quick work of any mess. To make things simpler, push-button controls are included.

The whole inside, including the racks and grills, is movable so that you may tailor the space to the size and form of your cooking items. And the inside portion is reinforced with stainless steel for increased durability.

To top it all off, the motor in this Faber model is significantly quieter than the one we just discussed, coming in at a mere 44 decibels.

The energy economy of this device is improved by its “auto wash” feature, which determines how long and how much water should be used to wash a load of dishes.

The unique Dual Wash Zone function allows you to choose between upper and lower washing zones for specialised cleaning. The package includes two years of coverage for defects and corrosion for this appliance.


  • Non-audible processes are in place.
  • Superior to the Faber dishwasher in every way.
  • Completely malleable.
  • Greater effectiveness in conserving power.
  • Better cleaning software.
  • A high-quality cling method is used.


  • Prices are higher than average due to mandatory surcharges.
  • There are buttons for operation.

2. Stand-alone Bosch dishwasher with 13 place settings (Fully Integrated)

Also a 13-place capacity, this model is the most cutting-edge of its kind and can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or a voice assistant.

There are racks and bins inside that may be moved to suit your needs. Aside from that, it is rustproof since it is built entirely of stainless steel inside and outside.

The intense kadhai programme is only one of the six available washing options, making quick work of even the grimiest pots and pans.

The automatic load sensor can gauge how much water will be needed and provide just that much. It is great for reducing energy use and is water-efficient to boot.

The dishwasher has an inverter-based eco silence drive motor that allows for whisper-quiet operation and increased durability.

Both the glass care technology and the dosage aid features are integrated to ensure that your delicate glassware is well taken care of. In addition to its many features, the product is backed by a 10-year corrosion guarantee and a 2-year warranty on the product itself.


  • Automatic dishwasher with the Internet of Things connectivity.
  • Help for virtual assistants that take voice commands.
  • Extremely quiet functioning.
  • An extended guarantee.
  • Durable and rust-proof metal construction.
  • Steel that doesn’t leave fingerprints is utilized.
  • All of the internal components are removable and movable.


  • This dishwasher is very expensive.

3. 12 Place Setting Dishwasher by Faber (FFSD 6PR 12S Neo)

Let’s have a look at all the features so that you can easily understand whether this is the right dishwasher for you or not since it is one of the most reasonably priced dishwashers that yet has a wide range of high-tech options.

It’s a 12-seater, so it’s great for medium-sized families. This dishwasher gives you optimum versatility since it has six distinct wash programs. Furthermore, this dishwasher has a rapid wash function that allows you to clean it in only 90 minutes.

The sophisticated features, such as the delay start and half load capabilities, let you save energy and time so you can concentrate on other things.

The dishwasher’s height, as well as its racks and grills, may be modified to suit your needs. In addition to these features, this dishwasher is backed by a 5-year corrosion guarantee and a 2-year product warranty.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Dishwasher with a vast range of customising options.
  • You can get a guarantee if you want.
  • All major capabilities are provided.
  • The interior structure is built of stainless steel.


  • Reduced protection against corrosion in the guarantee.
  • There’s a little more background noise now.

4. Dishwasher by Bosch with 13 Place Settings (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)

One of the most popular Bosch dishwashers is this 13-place setting model, which is ideal for a family of four or five. This dishwasher has completely movable racks and baskets, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

The stainless steel construction inside and outside of this model, which is available in either white or silver, makes it rust-proof and increases its durability and lifespan.

It has six unique cleaning routines, plus three more choices for further customization and versatility. To experiment with features like half-load, quick-wash, and extra-dry settings.

The motor is an eco silence motor, both strong and silent, and uses less energy than a standard motor. There are water-saving “super saver” settings, as well as “Aqua” and “load” sensors for regulating water use in response to demand.

An extensive kadhai programme is used to get the water temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for a thorough cleaning. This dishwasher comes with a 2-year limited guarantee and a 10-year warranty against corrosion.


  • Excellent for long, hard-to-handle washes.
  • All necessary features are accessible.
  • Available in both white and silver.
  • We provide a lengthy guarantee.
  • Non-audible processes are in place.
  • The racks may be adjusted to fit your needs.


  • Dishwasher does not support the Internet of Things.


Ques 1: Is Faber a good dishwasher brand?

Ans : – The utensils come out spotless after a 2:30-hour programme that involves a thorough pre-wash, rinsing, washing in hot water, washing with detergent, rinsing, and drying. I just dropped the implement into the dishwasher and a fortune dishwashing tablet. Essential during this quarantine.

Ques 2: Which three dishwashers are the best?

Ans : – LCD TV from LG measures a whopping 24 inches. Samsung’s 24-inch LDF454HT display. Top Control DW80R9950US and the Bosch 300 Series are our top picks after researching dozens of dishwashers from various manufacturers.

Ques 3: Which one has the fewest problems?

Ans : – A Samsung dishwasher is the most likely to break down. Regarding dishwasher quality, Bosch is among the most dependable names out there. General Electric and Frigidaire Appliances need repairs more often than those by Bosch, Whirlpool, and Miele. Consumer Reports cannot endorse Samsung now due to high predicted failure rates.

Ques 4: Why don’t dishwashers sell well in India?

Ans : – Multiple factors contribute to the dishwasher’s lack of success in the Indian market. Costing a lot of money and needing a large area to set up, dishwashers are not ideal. Many Indian homes and kitchens are just too tiny to contain one.

Ques 5: What type of dishwasher is the easiest to fix?

Ans : – Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the Three Most Dependable Brands of Dishwashers. Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the most trusted dishwasher models, according to the experts I spoke with, Yale’s dependability study, and thousands of consumer reviews.


Dishwashers are beneficial: they save time and energy, cut down on household chores, and help keep the kitchen neat. It can kill any bacteria that has built up on the utensils since they are cleaned in water so hot that it would be dangerous for people to handle.

Several different types of dishwashers may be purchased nowadays. Both Faber and Bosch companies provide a wide selection of models in the dishwasher category, each with its advantages. Customers should think carefully about their needs and expectations before making rash decisions about the gadget.

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