How to organize kitchen

Space is not as limitless as opportunities in city-life. Hence, it is very important to make the most out of whatever tiny space we get. Everyone dreams of a big kitchen where they can spread out their cooking equipment, utensils, and crockeries but a small kitchen is a reality. Although, no one said small kitchens can’t look beautiful. Here are some easy ways to organize any small kitchen so that every corner is properly utilized. How to organize kitchen

How to organize kitchen

1. Use different kinds of Basket Cases

Basket cases make it easy to find things as everything is sorted according to their type. Your kids can easily grab a go-to-snack when they are getting late for school. How to organize kitchen

2.Utilize the doors

The inside of the doors is the most neglected storage area. There can be a lot of things stored there which will clear out the other storage spaces. You can store your canned goods, sodas, spices, packaged goods and so much more.


3. Keep them hanging

Who said you have to store your pans and pots in cupboards or shelves? It is easier to hang them on a hanging rack as these items occupy a lot of space in your cabinets. Even the mugs and cups can be hanged in fancy hooks so that they look presentable. But make sure that they are within your reach. How to organize kitchen

4. Glass Containers

They provide an aesthetic charm to the decor. Go for the clear glass containers as it will help in figuring out the ingredients and bring to notice which basic essentials are running low.

5. Stacking your cutlery

Have you heard about under-the-shelf racks? They utilize the area under your shelves which often remain bare. These racks create extra, temporary compartments which can be removed and inserted according to preferences. 3 to 4 bowls or plates can easily be stacked in that little area, utilizing your cabinet space to the fullest.

6. Finding a new place for your paper towels

Although tissues are a kitchen staple, to be honest, they do not look good on the counter and you would want that space for something else. Try the door hack. Fit a paper towel holder to the door of the cabinet. Now your paper towel has a new hidden space and there are no chances of spilling water and spoiling them.


7. Store the lids here

Is it just me or even you are irritated with the loud clanging sound of lids every time you try to sort them? It is also hectic to find the right lid for the pan you are cooking in. Save yourself from the stress by getting an upright pan rack and place it in your kitchen drawer. You can stack your lids there in each partition so that they do not cling. How to organize kitchen


8. Customize your drawer compartments

The solution for crowded drawers is customizing compartments to make your search easy. There are even chances of hurting yourself when you keep your spoon with knives. Compartments eliminate the wastage of time and give a cleaner look to the drawer.


9. Hang the cleaning supplies

The dark area under your sink where you toss all your cleaning supplies does not need to stay hidden. Place a curtain rod and hang the cleaning liquids.


11. Reuse your tin cans

Tin cans can be really good holders for your cooking stirrers and other utensils. But you can free up more space by mounting the cans on the wall so that your counter space is free. You can even go further and paint the cans to make them sync with kitchen aesthetics. How to organize kitchen


12. What to do with leaflets and menus?

Wasting a whole drawer to stack your take out menus, coupon and leaflets don’t seem very smart. Instead, attach plastic sleeves to the inside of the cabinet to store the papers. This way you even remember to use up the coupons before they expire. How to organize kitchen


13. Store spices in drawers

Why fill up the extra space on your kitchen counter when you can have a drawer next to your oven, storing all the necessary spices?



Having an organized kitchen makes you realize how much time and space could be saved in the long run. It fills you with a good feeling and makes the process of cooking happy and easier. How to organize kitchen

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