What is Auto Kitchen Chimney And How It Works?

Kitchen Chimney is an appliance that keeps the kitchen clean from oil and smoke. The chimney helps to keep the kitchen away from smoke and oil when smoke and oil comes out while cooking  Due to the presence of a chimney, the one who is cooking in the kitchen does not have trouble with smoke and at the same time, there is no problem like watery eyes, sore throat.

The kitchen chimney is known by many names such as kitchen hood, exhaust hood, range hood, etc. It looks like a mechanical fan that is mounted on top of the cooktop.  It does not release air like a fan instead, it absorbs smoke, heat and oil from the kitchen.  The kitchen chimney is designed in such a way that it mixes the heat and smoke with the outside air and then absorbs it and vents it out with the help of vents.


Types of Kitchen Chimney (Variants)

  1. Conventional Kitchen Chimneys
  2. Contemporary Kitchen Chimneys


Features of Kitchen Chimney 

  1. Auto Cleaning Chimneys
  2. Convertible Kits
  3. Noise Proof Kits
  4. Detachable Oil Collector
  5. Auto Heat Detector
  6. Indicator

Kitchen Chimney: How It Works

The working method of kitchen chimney is very simple.  The smoke, oil, smell that is produced while cooking, all these things are absorbed by the chimney and then thrown out.  But the grease that occurs remains in the chimney filter.

Chimneys can be ducted or ductless. Its two types of chimneys work in different ways.  There are many important parts in the kitchen chimney.  Let us know what is the work of all these parts and how do they work.

The smoke, oil, smell that is produced while cooking, all these things in the chimney. It absorbs and then comes out.


What Is A Hose Pipe Or A PVC Pipe In A Kitchen Chimney?

The hose pipe or PVC pipe takes oil and grease through the filter and then drains it out.  Make sure that this pipe is cleaned.  This pipe can also be cut according to the size used in the kitchen and can also be painted in the color of kitchen walls.


What Is A Duct In A Kitchen Chimney?

A duct is a pipe that removes smoke and oil.  it performs many functions and also plays an important role in the kitchen. While installing an Auto kitchen chimney in the kitchen, take special care that the chimney is installed properly because it will give you very good results only after installing it properly.


What Is A Hood In A Kitchen Chimney?

The hood is the part of the chimney that is above the gas stove. Every part of the auto kitchen chimney is fitted inside the hood. The hood is attached to the duct and vent. Hoods help in beautifying your kitchen and come in a variety of styles.  Buy hoods according to the space available in the kitchen as they come in many sizes and designs.


What Is A Motor In A Kitchen Chimney?

The chimney has a motor inside which runs on electricity.  Power comes to the Auto kitchen chimney from the motor, which makes it work.


What is a filter in an Auto kitchen chimney?

Filters are generally used to separate things. Filters are used to separate grease and smoke. There are different types of filters in the kitchen chimney.

  1. Mesh Filter: The mesh filter is made up of several aluminum layers.  This separates the grease and oil from the smoke. filters have to be cleaned every week or every month.  Let us tell you that this type of filter is not made for Indian cooking.  The kitchen chimney in which the mash filter is installed, the noise is high.  It is cheap but not durable.
  2. Baffle Filter: Baffle filters are made up of several stainless steel curve panels.  It resembles a mash filter that separates grease and oil from smoke.  There is no need to clean it every month and week.  It is enough to clean such a filter once a month. Chimneys that have baffle filters reduce noise.  It is expensive but also durable.
  3. Charcoal Filter: The coal filter is made of a charcoal ballot with holes that act as absorption.  The Auto kitchen chimney which has a charcoal filter is very good for Indian cooking.  This type of filter cannot be cleaned and also makes a lot of noise.  This type of filter chimney is very expensive as the filter has to be changed every 3-4 months.


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The chimney is one such kitchen appliance that is not bought again and again.  Therefore, the decision should be right for the first time itself so that there should not be any problem later.  Before buying a chimney, many things have to be kept in mind such as budget, space in the kitchen, design, features, color, sound, etc.  Those people who are buying a chimney for the first time can get help from this article.  hope you get help from here.

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