What is convertible refrigerator – Detailed Explanatory guide

The History of Convertible Technology

Samsung was the first brand in India to offer the concept of “convertible refrigerators” two years ago. then the companies such as LG and Haier have caught up and introduced their own versions. LG markets convertible refrigerators through Dual Fridge, but Haier took it to the next level with their 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator.


What is convertible refrigerator? How does it work?

A convertible refrigerator is a great option if you need to replace your current refrigerator or want to invest in a stand-alone freezer. It is used to store additional drinks throughout the summer and food platters and catering trays. When you put the freezer mode on the unit or converted drawer, you may load it with frozen fruits and vegetables as well as additional meats to get you through the winter.

The primary concept behind the convertible refrigerator is to convert and regulate two main refrigerator compartments – the fridge (the main unit keeping the temperature between 2o to 5o C) and the freezer (smaller unit maintaining the temperature between −15o to −23o C).  for example, turn off the refrigerator while keeping the freezer operational or simply convert a freezer to freeze mode. There are several combinations of these settings depending on the brand and model.

Two independent fans and evaporators one for the fridge and one for the freezer are at the heart of convertible technology. In this manner, the temperature in both compartments is regulated separately and they may operate independently of one another.

This conversion is simple to initiate usually a push button is provided for this purpose. However, keep in mind that the appliance will need some time to adjust while moving between the two settings. For example, LG takes around one hour to convert a freezer to a refrigerator, but Samsung takes over two hours.


Effectiveness as a Freezer or a Refrigerator

Most convertible systems provide consistent temperature control in both refrigerator and freezer modes and they are also energy efficient.

These current models’ self-defrosting capabilities are quite successful, removing the need for manual defrosting. Units with convertible drawers or compartments have a contemporary design and may be used in any kitchen to provide both utility and elegance.

Models that transform the complete unit between modes, on the other hand, have a basic white box design similar to that of most stand-alone freezers. Adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers, and moveable door storage make them more adaptable than typical refrigerators. These convertible refrigerators are generally intended for use as auxiliary food storage in a basement or garage.


Different Brands of Convertible Refrigerators

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular convertible refrigerators. We’ll look at the many modes and some of the unique features offered.

Samsung 5-in-1 Convertible refrigerator

Samsung premium double door refrigerators include a 5-in-1 adaptable function that allows you to get the most out of your refrigerator as the seasons change or your needs change. It accomplishes this by allowing consumers to fully configure their refrigerator into one of five modes, which range from standard fridge-freezer mode to affordable home alone mode.

Let’s take a closer look at each mode:


  • Normal mode: This is the standard mode, in which the refrigerator’s top section is utilized as a freezer and the larger bottom section is used for normal refrigeration. Out of the box this is generally the default option.


  • Extra fridge mode: Indians consume far less frozen food than their western counterparts, according to one study. This is because a large majority of Indians are vegetarians and so will not require the usage of a freezer.

Extra fridge mode allows you to transform the freezer compartment into a regular refrigerator, giving you more refrigerated space. This alternative would be your savior if you are a vegan who frequently brings home more bags of vegetables than can be packed into the refrigerator.


  • Seasonal mode: You may increase your “just refrigeration” need by using the Extra fridge mode. However, there are instances when you do not require the use of a freezer. In this instance, a typical refrigerator would operate both the fridge and freezer compartments, even when the freezer is empty. This is a waste of resources the seasonal mode solves this problem by turning off the freezer while keeping the fridge operating.


  • Vacation mode: The refrigerator operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (provided no power cuts occur). This indicates that they are constantly using electricity. There will be times when you and your entire family will need to leave your house for vacations, weddings, or other reasons. These journeys might last a few days or a few weeks. Obviously, neither you nor anybody else would be carrying or utilizing the refrigerator. And a regular refrigerator would continue to use up your electricity units.

This problem is solved by using vacation mode. When triggered, just the freezer chamber operates, while the larger refrigeration compartment is turned off. As a result, you may enjoy your trips and outings more while worrying less about section for refrigeration as a result, you may enjoy your holidays and outings more while worrying less about the refrigerator using power units.


  • Home alone mode: There may be instances when your family members go out but you do not due to an exam, office work, or other obligations. There’s a high possibility you won’t need the large capacity refrigerator running at full capacity. Also when you have full power, you’ll have a lot of electrical bills.

So, the Home alone mode will come to your rescue, allowing you to turn off the refrigerator section and move all of your perishables to the top compartment, which has been turned into a tiny refrigerator.


Haier 8-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

Haier’s latest high-end refrigerator series has gone three steps ahead of Samsung with eight distinct convertible settings. The following are the eight distinct modes:

  • Normal mode: In this mode, the refrigerator and freezer are both functioning and completing their jobs of refrigeration and chilling.


  • Veg mode: Extra fridge mode is the Samsung convertible refrigerators’ version of Veg mode. In this mode, the main fridge compartment performs normal refrigeration functions, but the freezer is converted to a refrigerator, resulting in one large refrigerator that is no longer capable of chilling.


  • Home alone mode: This is the Samsung convertible refrigerator’s seasonal mode (not the home alone mode!). The refrigerator is operational, but the freezer is switched off.


  • Freezer mode: This is comparable to Samsung’s 5-in-1’s vacation mode. Only the freezer compartment functions in freezing mode while the main refrigeration is turned off as the name implies.


  • Vacation mode: The vacation mode of Haier’s convertible refrigerator is the home alone mode of Samsung’s convertible refrigerator. When you are away from home for vacations, the main refrigeration unit is switched off while the freezer is converted to a fridge mode, saving you power.


  • Summer mode: This is a significantly boosted version of the standard setting. The refrigerator section functions normally, but the freezer mode is set to maximum capacity to allow for quicker chilling utilizing “turbo icing technology.” Because it allows you to cool your beverages and other cold goods in a short amount of time before the surprise party, it’s dubbed surprise party mode.


  • Swift chill mode: During the summer, when the temperature is high, the refrigerator frequently fails to keep up with the required cooling. Summer mode comes to the rescue in this situation. To keep up with the searing heat, it forces the refrigeration component to operate at full capacity.


Whirlpool 5-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator

  • All-Season Mode: The Extra-Fridge Mode on its Samsung equivalent appliances is the same as the All-Season Mode. By disabling the freezer section, you may turn the entire device into a refrigerator.


  • Chef Mode: In the refrigerator’s Chef mode, the user may modify the temperature settings to meet their specific culinary needs. This mode aids inefficient energy savings of up to 23%.


  • Dessert Mode: The desert mode, as the name implies, is only for the freezer section. It increases the freezer’s chilling capacity, allowing ice cream to be frozen faster.


  • Party Mode: You may activate the Party Mode in the refrigerator to maximize the performance of both the refrigerator and freezer sections.


  • Deep Freeze Mode: The Whirlpool 5-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator’s Deep Freeze Mode is similar to the Samsung fridge’s Vacation Mode. The fridge section can be turned off in this mode. However, it maintains the freezer chamber running to keep perishables and other dairy foods fresh.



Finally, with convertible refrigerators, you will never run out of space. They are clearly a smart decision for all of your refrigerator requirements. I hope this article has helped to clarify your understanding of convertible technology and the benefits it provides. Go ahead and select from the extensive selection of refrigerators available from various brands.

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